Cherry Financiers

To save myself from another heartache ......

Instead of making more feetless macarons .....

I made some financier  lol

These are not as gorgeous as macs but at least I don't have to sigh and look forlorn when I've got another batch of flat macs -___- ''

any takers ?! lol 

I've been meaning to make pistachio financier when I saw the recipe from Laduree's book that I've borrowed form the library but I still can't get hold of pistachio paste .....

And if you've already made financier you would agree that the smell of browned butter is just wonderful !

Go on , get that butter from the fridge and try and don't forget to keep an eagle eye on that browning butter least you gonna burn it ! lol

Financier recipe by  Gordon Ramsay @ BBC Good Food

125 grams salted butter
25 grams plain flour , sifted
125 grams ground almonds
100 grams caster sugar
3 egg whites , beaten slightly
50 grams sultanas soaked in 3 tbsp rum ( omitted this )

* Butter and flour 24 financier moulds or 12-hole muffin tin and put them in the fridge so the butter sets .
* Melt butter in the pan over high heat until it starts to brown ; strain through a fine sieve and let cool .
* Combine the flour , almonds and sugar in a bowl , fold in the egg whites and stir in the sultanas and the butter . Chill for an hour or overnight .
* Heat oven oven to 190°C ; pour mixture into the moulds and bake for 10-15 minutes , until golden brown and risen in the centre ; let cool before removing from the tins .

*** I added chopped pitted  fresh cherries to the bottom of  6 moulds before adding the batter , 2 whole cherries in 2 moulds and leave some financier plain .


  1. Questi dolcetti mi stuzzicano!! felice giornata a te...ciao

  2. Simple recipe yet result a great taste, very nice financier indeed.

  3. These are beautiful and look perfect. I can only imagine how wonderful they taste. Good luck with the Macarons. Sounds like you May have overbeat the batter.

    1. Vicki , I bear that in mind when I'm gonna try another batch next time ! :D

  4. Not Gorgeous, what are you saying? To me, who does not bake as much as you folks do these look great.

  5. They are beautiful! I look forward to try this soon! Have a great day Anne!

  6. I haven't tried my hand at financiers, but I need to whip some up and soon. They look pretty darn gorgeous to me!

  7. Your financiers look so moist and lovely, I would love to have some! And I think they are perfect with cherries.

  8. Looks great! Can you move next door to my house please? I promise I'll be your guinea pig ;)

  9. Hi Anne,

    I'll buy these beautiful financiers from you. Can you ship some over to Australia? :D


  10. Love your creative Financier cake shapes!

  11. Hi Anne, I want....look excellent and yummy. Wish we are neighbors then can exchange. LOL

    Have a nice week ahead..

  12. Hi Anne! I feel for you deeply .... with regards to macarons!!!

    Love your financiers, gonna try making some soon!

  13. Yes, I want to place an order too!! Hopefully they get to me in perfect condition before the postman gets to them! LOL!
    Looks wonderful, and would be lovely with a cup of tea! Yummy!

  14. YUMMY! Looks lovely & great to me! Would love to buy all of them from you. BTW I just baked something with cherry too! hahaha Great minds think alike huh! :)

  15. These look beautiful and they sound delicious. How could I go wrong :-). They demand to be tried. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  16. look very elegant! hopefully one day i can try making some financiers too! you're selling those financiers?

    1. Lena , we've just finished eating those since nobody wants to pay for them ! lol

  17. They're gorgeous and the ingredients sound delicious
    Mary x


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