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Melon cake

  When the going gets tough, the tough gets baking!  How's life so far, guys? Remember the trending Japanese melon cake last year? Here's my cheaper version 😜 It's actually pretty easy to make than it looks!  Well, this is the second time that I made it, I helped one of my taste tester to make a cake for her husband's birthday more than a week ago. We didn't expect much but how hard can it be?! Surprisingly it turned out pretty awesome, with layers as good as the one we've seen on Instagram! *pats my back again* 🙄🤣 Onto the melon, as you can see from the photo of the melon below, it has a Japanese label, and since melon from Japan is pretty expensive, the one I bought was probably grown elsewhere as it's dirt-cheap! Those wily fruit vendors and gullible consumers! 😁 In fairness, the melon tastes good, it's sweet with a bit of crunch, the way I like my melon.... Making this cake is really easy though a much riper melon is easier to handle as the insid

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