Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chia-green tea milk bread

This bread is almost similar to the popular Hokkaido milk bread sans tangzhong starter . Original recipe is called Hokkaido milk bread as it uses Hokkaido milk . Here , I've added green tea powder and chia seeds .

I love the floral notes that the Taiwanese green tea imparts in this delicious bread . I've added chia seeds because we have lots of it here lurking around , adding it in oatmeal seems can't make a dent on one pack and we still have one unopened pack . Of course , chia seeds are considered to be a superfood so , it doesn't hurt to add some to this bread and I also loved the texture contrast in every bite of this cotton-soft milk loaf . 

The texture is as soft as pillowy as the one with tangzhong due to its high amount of liquid . Cream instead of butter is used in this recipe . No cream on hand ? Use milk and just add softened unsalted butter , maybe 30 grams ?

The dough is quiet sticky to handle by hand so , a stand mixer or bread machine is highly recommended . But hand kneading is still possible , one is replacing some flours with whole wheat as it absorbs liquid well . Another trick is adding liquid gradually to dry ingredients as you knead the dough . Knead the dough until you can stretch it thinly without tearing , it's called window pane test , it's important if you want to have soft , pillowy and billowy bread !

Baking is not a science as some would think otherwise . You can add or reduce ingredients , within reason of course , just use common sense and you're on your way to make any bread or baking goodies that you can be proud of !

Recipe adapted from Mimi Bakery House via Sonia / Nasi Lemak Lover

Makes one 8 x 5 1/4 -inch loaf

1 egg / 54 grams ( weight without the shell ) , lightly whisked
150 grams Hokkaido milk
100 grams whipping cream
3 grams fine sea salt
30 grams caster sugar
15 grams milk powder
12 grams green tea powder
275 grams ( Casarine ) bread flour
30 grams all-purpose flour
3 grams instant yeast
35 grams chia seeds 

* Take out the tin from the bread machine , place the liquid first into the tin - egg , milk and cream . Add in all dry ingredients except the chia seeds . Put back the tin inside the bread machine and select the dough program . Add the chia after 15 minutes and let the machine do the work until the first proofing .

* Tip in dough into a clean work surface and knead briefly to release the air trapped within . Divide  or weigh dough into 3 equal pieces and form into small balls . My final dough is 697 grams .

* Cover the dough with tea towel and let sit for 15 minutes .

* Lightly-greased an 8 x 4-inch bread pan / tin and place it on the baking sheet . Set aside .

* Dust the work surface with flour so as the rolling pin , the dough is a bit tacky . Working with one piece of dough , roll dough into an oval or a rough rectangle . On the long side , fold about 1/3 of the dough and place it in the middle and do the same at the other side . Roll dough from the short side and gently seal the edge . Place it inside the bread pan , seam side down , cover with tea towel or plastic wrap and continue with the rest of the dough .

* Let dough rise for about an hour , depending on the ambient temperature , or until dough rises almost to the rim of the tin .

* Halfway through 2nd proofing , preheat oven to 200ºC . If using a tabletop oven , place the oven rack at the lowest part .

* Place tin inside the oven and immediately lower temperature to 180ºC . Bake for 35 to 40 minutes , if the top is browning too rapidly , tent top with foil . Mine browned less than 10 minutes , small oven problem . Never open the oven after 10 minutes of baking as this will affect the rising of the bread .

* Take out bread from the tin and place on the cooling rack to cool completely . Slice and serve , great on its own or with some jam .

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Matcha tiramisu cake

One of my favourite cake so far , this matcha tiramisu may look a bit complicated to make but actually it was pretty easy . A bit time-consuming perhaps but after you've assembled everything , chilling it for at least 4 hours is the most difficult thing to do lol 

Tiramisu literally means " pick me up  / wake me up " In Italian . It is made with savoiardi or ladyfingers dipped in coffee liqueur spiked coffee and layered with mascarpone , eggs and sugar mixture then dusted with cocoa powder wiki ) .

This version is more like an east meets west dessert , combining the popular Japanese matcha powder and the Italian mascarpone . 

Uji matcha is a finely-milled green tea powder , the one I used here is the less expensive baking/cooking grade , it has a nice bright green color and less bitter than regular green tea powder .

If you don't have the mould , use some drinking glassess or use a glass / ceramic baking dish . Too lazy to bake a sponge cake ? Use store-bought ladyfingers . You can even add some matcha powder to the cheese mixture - there is no such thing as too much matcha , right ?!

Love matcha and cake ?!

Makes 5 x 3-inch ( 6-layer ) cake or 6 x 2-inch ( 4 layer ) cake 

Recipe adapted from Okashi

Special biscuit matcha sponge cake :

Makes 11-inch sponge cake 

40 grams pastry flour 
20 grams cornstarch 
6 grams matcha powder 
35 grams unsalted butter , softened 
90 grams egg whites
80 grams caster sugar
80 grams egg yolks 

* Please check instructions here 

* Scrape the brown top of the cake ( optional ) with a pairing knife . Use a 5-inch mould to cut three 5-inch matcha sponge cake , leave the last one inside the mould and transfer into a cake board . Set aside . 

Simple green tea syrup : 

25 grams sugar 
50 grams water 
3 grams matcha powder 

* Place sugar and water in a small saucepan , cook over medium-heat until sugar is dissolved . Transfer syrup into a small bowl , add in matcha powder and stir until well-combined , Set aside . 

Recipe adapted from Homemade cut cakes / Charles Ho 

Cheese mixture 

2 egg yolks / 38 grams 
8 grams caster sugar ( I used 10 grams ) 
10 grams fresh milk ( UHT milk )

40 grams fresh milk ( UHT )
4 grams powdered gelatin ( 6 grams ) 

90 grams cream cheese , at room temperature
140 grams mascarpone 
12 grams condensed milk ( 15 grams ) 
100 grams whipping cream , whipped 
10 grams orange liqueur ( Curaçao )
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon icing sugar , optional
1 1/4 teaspoon  matcha powder or more , if desired 

To make the sabayon : 

* Prepare a hot water bath . Combine yolks , sugar and milk in a small mixing bowl , place bowl on top of the prepared water bath , use an electric beater to beat the egg yolk mixture until light and fluffy . Set aside . 

* Combine milk and gelatin in a small bowl , place in a hot water bath , stir until gelatin is dissolved , keep warm . 

* In a large bowl , combine cream cheese , mascarpone and condensed milk , beat on low speed until combined . Adjust to high speed and beat until fluffy . Add in the whipped cream and beat until mixture is smooth and creamy . Add in the sabayon , orange liqueur , lemon juice and gelatin mixture , mix until just combined . If the mixture is a bit runny to pour , chill in the fridge for about 10 minutes so that cheese mixture won't leak into the sides of the mould . Stir mixture before pouring . 

To assemble the matcha tiramisu : 

* Brush the first piece of matcha sponge cake with matcha syrup . Pour in sufficient amount of cheese mixture on top and use a small pastry scraper or a spatula or spoon to smooth the surface . Place the 2nd piece of cake , brush with syrup and top with another layer of cheese mixture . Place the last piece of sponge cake , brush with syrup and pour in remaining cheese mixture . You can either guesstimate the amount of cheese mixture you pour in each layer or divide mixture into 3 . 

* Chill tiramisu at least 4 hours before unmoulding . 

* Run a hairdryer over sides of the mould . Place tiramisu back into the fridge for about 30 minutes . 

* Sift in icing sugar on top of the cake then sift in the matcha powder or you can combine both sugar and matcha together then sift them on top .

* Cut matcha tiramisu into 4 or 6 pieces . Add in some raspberries , if available , and serve immediately .