Pistachio-lime cheesecake with pistachio brittle

I've seen some shelled pistachios in the darkest corner of the freezer and I thought pistachio ice cream sounds wonderful . No double cream lurking inside the fridge but cream cheese is always there when I need it heh ! So why not make  a batch of unhealthy dessert instead ?! I've been meaning to make cheesecake since last month but never get around to it . Er , just disregard the Japanese cheesecake lol 

Too many goodies to bake , so little time . 

Initially , I was planning to make a simple candied pistachio , just like the one I had last time with my lemon pistachio cake , for the topping .  Thinking of that pistachio lemon cake and thought why not add some ground pistachio in the filling  ? Really glad that I did ! Of course , a bit more ground pistachio , say , about 100 grams , heck , make it 150 , will make this cheesecake exceptional . 

Exceptional ?! Exag  ^____^

This cheesecake is so easy to make . No need to use a water bath and it takes only 25 minutes to bake . The pistachio brittle can be made the day before .

The hardest thing about making this is to wait for several hours before you can stuff yourself silly .

Please check original recipe @ Taste.com

Makes one 5 1/2-inch x 1-inch cheesecake and six ( about ) 2 x 1-inch minis

For the crust :

130 grams ( light ) digestive biscuits
40 grams butter , softened 
1 tablespoon raw sugar 

For the filling : 

375 grams cream cheese , at room temperature 
125 grams sour cream , at room temperature
100 grams caster sugar
2 eggs , at room temperature
80 grams ( roasted and salted ) pistachio , finely ground 
generous teaspoon lime zest 
2 tablespoons lime juice

* Lightly butter a 6-inch square loose-bottom pan and six 2 x 1 1/3-inch loose-bottom mini tins , set aside . Or use a 7 or 8-inch springform / loose-bottom pan or an 8-inch square loose-bottom pan and adjust the baking time . 

* In a ( mini ) food processor , combine the biscuits , butter and sugar ; process until finely crushed . Spoon crust into the prepared tins , one generous tablespoon in each mini tin and the rest to the 6-inch pan . For the mini tins , use one end of a small straight-sided rolling pin or a teaspoon ( cutlery) to press the mixture firmly onto the base of the pan . Put in the freezer or fridge to chill for 30 minutes . 

* Preheat oven to 160°C . 

*  In a large mixing bowl , combine the cream cheese and sour cream and beat , over medium speed , until smooth . Add  in the sugar and beat until well combined , add in the ground pistachio , mix well . On low speed , add the eggs , one at a time , scraping sides after each additions . Do not overmix . Add in the lime zest and juice , beat for few seconds . Transfer batter to the prepared pan and tins . 

* Bake for 25 minutes . Turn oven off and leave the oven door slightly ajar , let cheesecakes cool in the oven for 2 to 3 hours then place in the fridge to cool completely before serving .   

* For the pistachio brittle recipe , please check here . I used 1/3 cup of pistachio instead of 1/4 cup .  



  1. Gosh, I'm mesmerised by your pics. The cheesecakes look so appealing!

  2. wonderful! I am planning a cheesecake this weekend as my mother in law is coming to us:)

  3. Hi Anne, wowww ... your cheesecake is fantastic, love the brittle. AWESOME! You are really good, 2 thumbs up for you. Very impressive pictures too.

    Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.

  4. Se ve precioso y el relleno una maravilla,abrazos.

  5. Hi Anne!
    Oh my heavens those are some amazing pictures you have shared! And that cheesecake looks scrumptious! It would be just perfect for St. Patrick's Day too!!! Thank you so much for sharing, Anne. I just had to pin it too:)

  6. Oh...oh...wow...oh..wow..... isnt that an impressive cake? It look so lovely! The pistachio brittle makes the cake lovely in deco. I bet it must taste wonderfully yummy too!

  7. Wow! I am so impressed with your cheesecake, looks so perfectly done! I love the mini ones best! Got to pin this for baking too!:D

  8. This looks decadent, Anne! Very elegant with the pistachio brittle toppings :)

  9. 我也是好多料理想做,但是没有时间:(


  10. Hi Anne,
    I can see you really love cheesecake! I know, I perfectly understand! :)
    Dessert as divine as this are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, and to the maximum!
    Only wishing that I'm enjoying one right now! Looks utterly divine!

  11. Your cheesecake has a really smooth texture. Absolutely divine, Anne. Beautiful clicks!

  12. Oh wow, Anne, your cheesecake looks amazing!

  13. Se ve increìble su pastel de queso muy fino me encanta,abrazos.

  14. Always love your cheesecakes, this one with pistachio brittle looks totally divine!


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