Homemade ( skinless ) Chiang mai sausage / Sai oua

If you're familiar with Filipino food , you've probably encountered or tried skinless longganisa . This post though is not about our native sausage . Whereas the ingredients of the Filipino sausage is much easier to procure and even if you're not a Filipino and love meat dishes , you can easily make it in your own kitchen , since most ingredients are already in your pantry .  I'm not saying that making Thai or the Chiang mai-style sausage is difficult , if you're in Asia ( or if you're living in the other side of the world , in your well-stocked local Asian store ) , you can easily find all ingredients in your local wet market . Making homemade sausage whether it's skinless ( or with pork casings ) is easier than you think ! 

Now , these sausages doesn't look like the ones you've seen in the streets of Chiang mai , right ?! Those sausages hanging in food stalls , the wonderful aroma of grilled meat . I've made the skinless version of this popular Thai sausage  since I couldn't find pork casings here .

The recipe is really straightforward , the pork mixture is full of delicious flavors that you don't even need to cure it for hours or overnight , before using , just mix everything , pan-fry and you're good to go . Well , much easier if it is skinless but if you want a more authentic look , try to find pork casings . 

Note the addition of more sugar and vinegar in the recipe ?! When I pan-fried a small portion of the pork mixture and found out that 'twas a bit salty and thought maybe the salt that I used is too salty ?! ^___^ '' So if you want to try this recipe , use 1 teaspoon of salt first and just add more according to taste .

To test whether the seasoning is okay , pan-fry a small portion , adjust seasoning , if necessary . Chill pork mixture in the fridge for an hour before wrapping but you can cook it right away since the  pork mixture is very flavorful .Wrap each portion in a plastic wrap or parchment paper . Uncooked sausages can be frozen , de-frost in the fridge several hours before using .

Recipe adapted from Lemongrass and Sweet Basil by Khamtane Signavong

My slight modification in green

4 lemongrass stalks , finely chopped
1 tablespoon chilli powder cayenne pepper
8 garlic cloves , peeled and finely chopped
4 shallots , peeled and finely chopped
4 coriander roots 
500 grams pork mince with some fat
4 teaspoons sea salt 3 teaspoons
4 teaspoons caster sugar
3 teaspoons raw sugar
1 teaspoon white vinegar
8 tablespoons chopped coriander 6 tablespoons
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
4 teaspoons finely chopped galangal 
1 teaspoon ground turmeric
4 kaffir lime leaves , finely sliced
12 sausage casings don't have these

* Using a pestle and mortar , pound the lemongrass , chilli powder , garlic , shallots and coriander roots to a fine paste . 

* In a bowl , combine the pork with all the remaining ingredients , except the casings , and mix well . Add in the paste and mix thoroughly . Stuff casings , if using , with pork mixture to make 12 sausages . Or shape pork mixture into a small logs / portions .

* Prick sausages with the fork and barbecue , grill or pan-fry . Pan-fry sausages over low heat until golden brown .


  1. Ooooooo wowowowowowowowow Anne, your sausages look good. Even though they are skinless, you managed to make it keep its shape so well. Will bookmark this :)

  2. Wow! looks so yummy! you are very precise in your portioning, all so uniform in size:D Another lovely dish that I should bookmark!

    1. Jeannie , precise ?! lol I eyeballed each portion initially but the size is not uniform so I weighed each portion instead :P :D

  3. Anne, I really appreciate all the recipe you share:) You've got the skill of making everything looks so easy to do...and yummy too:) This one is definitely so handy for freezer stash...for one of those busy days ahead!

  4. 你连这个也会!!!!太厉害了啦

  5. These sausages look droolworthy! They look very much like cavapcici, my husband's favorite sausage.

  6. Hi Anne, your homemade sausages look superb, it screaming for my name. LOL I think I need half a dozen, please! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe.

    Have a nice day, regards.

  7. I have never tried Thai sausage. In fact, I have never seen anything like this in my area. I can find most of the ingredients, though, so I may give them a try. My family loves just about any kind of sausage.

    1. Janel , you really need to try this recipe ! Just go easy with salt :D

  8. Hi Anne, I love your homemade sausages, look so easy to make and so yum yum too!

  9. You know, I like it without casing.... and even though I don't eat pork, but this really looks tempting :)

  10. Hi Anne! Wonder if there's any hiding in your fridge still? It would be great if i can have it for breakfast in awhile :))

  11. Hi Anne, your homemade sausage looks yummy! Beautiful photos as well :)

  12. Oh Anne, even without the sausage casing, your sausage still look like sausage, hahaha...I will definitely love this sausage, because I love all ingredients in this recipe. I must try this recipe one day.

  13. Your home made sausages sure looks delicious!

  14. My mom's Filipino, so I have been eating and loving longganisa for as long as I can remember. But I have never made it because I thought it would be ridiculously hard.
    These look fantastic! I would love to try making this!

  15. Oh, my! Your sausages sound amazing, Anne! Another dish to add to my cooking bucket list!

  16. I have the same reaction as Baby Sumo - Oooooooooooo WOWOWOWOWOWO!!! Anne, how much more yummylicious can your grill sausages look? or is it your photography skills are top notch now ? heehee. I am so gonna try this out, I love thai grill sausages. cant wait!

  17. Ohh salchichas caseras son las favoritas de mi marido voy a tener trabajo ahora lucen muy sabrosas,abrazos

  18. Hi Anne,
    Your sausages are fabulous! So perfectly done! I'm drooling just looking at it.
    I've made some spicy Italian sausages, but without the casing, and they are yummy. I am on a wild goose chase with a shop that sells sausage casings lately. The first time I went there, I could not find it as I have forgotten the name of the shop. The second time I went there, just three weeks ago, the shop is closed, as it is on a Sunday. Will have to wait for my next trip there, as it is out of town! Argh...!! A few weeks ago, hubby asked me, whether do I need anything in my kitchen. I told him "a sausage maker, why, do you intend to get it for me"? He did not say a word!!! Hahaha!
    Your recipe is bookmarked!
    P/s: I even bought one sausage cookbook from the recent booksale!!! No idea how good it is , but it was really cheap! kekeke! Sausage by Victoria Wise, check it out from your local library.
    Have a great delicious weekend!

  19. WOW! This is sooo mouth watering ! Bookmarking this for sure ! YUM ;)

  20. I've always wanted to make my own sausage, Anne. Yours look amazing. It actually doesn't sound as difficult as I thought. The array of ingredients must taste wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing, Anne...

  21. Anne, this is so well done! They looked so cute and yummy!

  22. Hi Anne,
    Oh wow!! These sausages look so so good!
    You rolls it so neatly even without the skin.
    Bookmark, I am going to try this out soon.

    Have a great week ahead dear!

  23. You may not see this post because your original is from 2014. I just want to thank you for your recipe. I have tried a couple different recipes for this sausage that did not turn out well. Your version is just like what I remember from Chiang Mai. I cut back on the salt a little and used 21mm collagen casings. They are easy to work with. I used my Kitchenaid stand mixer with grinder/stuffer attachment to fill the casings. kob kun mak kaa - Prontip

    1. Hi Prontip , so glad that you liked it ! Yeah , the salt is a bit too much :D


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