Ensaimada de Mallorca

Hand-kneaded , how's that for dedication lol 

I've been itching to make some ensaimada , the Filipino version since forever .

As it is a bread , yes , with yeast , I just ignore it and made some easy to make recipe without yeast .

I need to practice making bread as there are loads of wonderful bread  recipe out there .....

As everybody will agree , nothing beats homemade !

sans topping 

But instead of making the Filipino version initially , I stumbled upon this Spanish version .

It is more easy and straightforward and only use 2 eggs  .

I was concerned at first when I read it at Deliciousdays' blog that her dough was sticky since I'm planning to make mine by hand .....

Good thing though that my mine was okay and was easily handled without the need to add more flour .

I made some variations in the filling and been planning to add cream cheese , grated cheese and sugar , peanut butter , apricot jam and strawberry preserves .

The first two , I've forgotten to take out from the fridge -___-''

The peanut butter works very well , though a tad dry , I love the jam and the preserves but the bottom becomes sticky as some of the filling leaked out .

With peanut butter filling

apricot jam filling 

strawberry preserves

One with butter and sugar combo and top with grated cheese 

The taste tester here though thinks that the plain one tastes so-so ....

Me ?! I love it plain or fancy ! But then I made it using elbow grease , right ?! lol

Please check recipe @ kuechengoetter.de , foodielady and deliciousdays


  1. I love the folds in the bread. And it looks so soft and fluffy, Anne. Tempted to try this out.

  2. Good job kneading it by hand. I always make my bread by hand too, great for releasing stress! Haha.

    1. Yen , you're so right ! Hopefully , I'll get toned arms if I'll bake bread frequently ! lol

  3. beatiful! and you keep saying that you don't have pratice with yeast!:)

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    1. Ola , I'm quiet surprised actually that results are pretty good ! Or maybe the recipe is just easy even to us who's scared of baking with yeast ! :D

  4. Wow! I always admire those who can make their own bread coz I've never DARE to make one myself. Yours look so nice with lovely folds & you even used your elbow grease. I need some arm exercise badly! LOL I was thinking of making one soon after my hand heals better just to give it a try. You've definitely convinced me! Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day! :)

  5. Been wanting to make ensaymada too...just haven't found the time and the courage. LOL. You just inspired me! Your ensaymadas (though not Filipino version) look very good!

  6. Wow! Look at the busy bee here! These all look great, I'm very intrigued by the peanut butter one. YUM!

  7. what a beautiful roll! i have never seen or heard of these before, but they look amazing. all those bread layers and fillings...yum!

  8. Oh! Ensaimada with so many different variations!! Anne, you're so ingenious:)

  9. Nothing beats homemade bread my friend and yours look great! You are teasing by those pictures of your bread with apricot jam. It is nicely baked and I can see all the folds. Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi Anne, your bread look delicious and beautiful. You're good, 2 thumbs up for you. Love the layering, look so good. Throw some over here or I exchange my ooppps with you. LOL

    Have a nice weekend.

  11. GORGEOUS rolls! Your spiraled dough looks fabulous...then seeing the insides has made me even more of a fan!!! Beautifully done, Anne!

  12. Oh Anne, this looks really yummy!Fresh soft and moist! I can imagine how great it must have smelled in your home when you were baking them! I love the peanut butter filling too. yum! Have a great weekend Anne!

  13. i like how they were being shaped and looks super soft!!

  14. Your bread look so nice and good, well done!


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