Cherry and cream cheese muffins

You know that if you click all photos in this site , you can drool more ?! lol 

Thank you , Foodporn ! ^___^

So , I still have some cream cheese that's getting moldier each day ....

I think I should buy just 1 pack instead of a kilo ...

But then a kilo is way cheaper than just an 8 oz package ....

Who could resist such a bargain ?!

And then there are loads of luscious cherries at the wet market ....

If I thought last time that cherries couldn't get any cheaper ...

$30 for 2 pounds ! 3 days before that I bought 2 pounds for just $25 ......

Oh Yeah !!! lol

My stomach is really quiet happy right now ...

All those luscious cherries .....

Buuuurp !

I'm thinking of freezing some cherries for next year , hello ! cherry ice cream - but it's too time-consuming to remove the pits pffftttt !

Uhm I kept popping the pitted cherries in my mouth ! lol

I saw this recipe from Lena's  blog and what could be better than cherries and cream cheese in a muffin ?!

Check out Lena's blog for recipe so as the full recipe @ BBC Goodfood

***** The original recipe used cranberries ..... I didn't cook the cherries , I added the sliced cherries to the muffin mixture ...... I just used 115 gram of caster sugar - the 15 grams added to the cream cheese .....I used 55 ml of sunflower oil .


  1. pity that cherries are not longer available here, they look delicious

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  2. WOW you still got cherries! Our cherry season has long been gone, 3months ago. Too bad can't bake your cherry cream cheese muffin..and there's no cream cheese here either!! So, 'just drool' is enough for now:)

  3. Lovely muffins with lots of cherry. Cherries here are quite expensive and I also love to stock them in the freezer when they are at great offer.

  4. Yum! Yum! Fresh cherries and cream cheese? Who could resist them, definitely not me! Looks wonderfully good!!

  5. I used to eat cherries all the time when I was still staying in UK, now get to eat once a year lah!!

  6. Hi Anne, your muffin look delicious. Love the combination,both are my favorite.
    Texture look very moist, keep 2 pieces for me please!

    Have a nice week ahead, regards.

  7. If you eat a cheese a lot then of course a kilo is cheaper to buy. I love love love the your cherry and cream cheese muffins. Have to check on the recipe.

  8. Great way to use your cream cheese! I hate that too. I think "well it's such a good deal.." but end up using half. These look SO good, I think I'd eat them all :p

  9. You are too cute! Your muffins look amazing...who could resist fresh cherries and cream cheese????

  10. Wow, I love these. Cream cheese and cherries sound like a perfect combination... your muffins look so delicious! Mich@Piece of Cake

  11. Oh My God.... I am drooling here.. Simply superb...

  12. hi anne, you really made these! just want to know how's the texture of the muffins since you did not cook the cherries? i was thinking one day i might just do it with blue or black berries.

  13. I'm salivating looking your delicious cherry and cream cheese muffins... They look like every mouthful of them is fully packed with cherries... *drooling*

    PS. your mooncake mould backdrop looks really cool! I remember buying some interesting moulds too at some of the shops at Shanghai st but they still sitting in my cupcakes...not being used :(

    1. Zoe , as you can see there are loads of designs now than before ! :D There's Mickey , Garfield , Pooh , Hello Kitty to name a few .... and you should see the plastic moulds ..... You'll be spoilt for choice ! lol

  14. Anne, these sound glorious. The cream cheese cherry combo can't be beat and these demand to be tried. have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  15. The muffins look so moist and soft...Anne now I am craving for cherry muffins! :-(

  16. These muffins are droolworthy. Love that you used fresh cherries.

  17. WOW! I would to have these heavenly muffins now! Looks so tempting! Never tried cherry with cream cheese! Definitely a very interesting recipe! Bookmarking! Thanks for sharing! :)

  18. oh yum! they look super-yummy!


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