Nasi Goreng

Okay , it's simply called fried rice ! But I find it much more delicious if I use that name ! lol

It's a favorite cuisine found in Indonesia , Malaysia and Singapore .

Of course , fried rice is quiet popular in the Philippines , too ! In Tagalog , it's called "sinangag" and we called it back home , "kalo-kalo" in Hiligaynon .

It's the national dish of Indonesia but according to wiki , there are several contenders ...

And it's listed in CNN GO as one of the world's most delicious food !

I couldn't agree more !

Original recipe and cook how-to @ The Complete Book of Asian Cooking

4 cups of day-old cooked rice
20 grams belacan / shrimp paste
100 grams cooked shrimp
100 grams cooked chicken breast , cut into pieces
3 small shallots , chopped
2 cloves garlic , smashed
1 small red chili , roughly chopped
1 tablespoon kecap manis / sweet soy sauce
a pinch of salt
some oil
some cilantro and fried shallots for garnish
1 fried egg

* Lightly toast the shrimp paste , then put it into the food processor ( or mortar and pestle ) together with the garlic , shallots and chili and process to a fine paste .
* Heat the wok , pour in some oil and add in  the shrimp paste mixture ; fry until it gives off a rich and spicy aroma .  Add in the rice , cook and mix well until ingredients are thoroughly combined , about 4 to 5 minutes   ; add in the shrimp and chicken pieces , cook for another 2 minutes and add in the salt and sweet soy sauce , mix well and adjust seasoning . Give it a thorough  stir . Dish up add some garnishing and serve hot .


  1. likey likey! but i think i'd omit the belacan :P

  2. what a cute dish! i love your egg there on the side! and i totally agree, fried rice is THE BEST!

  3. We love fried rice in my home but I've never made it from scratch. This sounds delicious.

    I've recently heard about this cookbook. Is it new? Thank you for sharing the recipe and stopping by my blog to say hi.

    1. Vicki , this book was recently published as Taste of Asia :)

  4. Simply call it whatever you like, but I know I would just simply eat it even if it did not have a name. I want a plate of this "stuff" with extra shallots-yum! Fried rice is the right thing anytime.

  5. This looks fantastic and I love the name too. Great recipe.

  6. what ever the name I like anything with rice.

  7. Love nasi goreng! You did such a fantastic job in making this Indonesian/Malaysian classic.

  8. Wow! Anne, you are very good in your Nonya-style cooking!

  9. delicious! just like our nasi goreng kampung here ..means 'village fried rice" where we put the belacan too!

  10. This really is a lovely recipe. It is hard to get shrimp paste here, but I can special order it. I really want to try your version as it sounds delicious.I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  11. Whether you call it nasi goreng or simply fried rice, I love it! Sarrrraaaapppp!!!

  12. The sad thing about me is I've never made fried rice. But it seems so easy, I don't know what's stopping me!

  13. Yum-yum! Always love nasi goreng! Looking at yours makes me wanna cook this for dinner! Thanks for the idea! Have a nice day! :)

  14. Looks really delicious, my husband and I loves fried rice and I wanna surprise him with this dish. I just wonder where I can buy kecap manis / sweet soy sauce here in the Philippines?


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