Kiwi Swirled Cheesecakes

Now now stop rolling your eyes 'coz 'tis cheesecake again hahaha

I made this few days ago for my friend's mom's birthday .

But sadly the lovely green color didn't really retained it's vibrant color after baking tsk !

Maybe I'll try making a kiwi topping instead next time .

I love the taste of these though , the tangy flavor of the kiwi sauce in contrast with the richness and creaminess of the filling .

Taste like calorific heaven . And it goes clogging up our arteries and settled down to our waistline hee hee

Original recipe @ Martha Stewart's Cupcakes

For the kiwi sauce : Process 2 peeled kiwi into the food processor until smooth ( I used 100 grams ) and add in 1 T sugar , mix well .

For the crust : Mix 40 grams coffee cookie crumbs + 30 grams honey graham crumbs and 25 grams melted butter . Press mixtures into 14 paper liner and put it into the muffin pan . Put in the freezer for 10-15 minutes

* Preheat oven to 325°F / 160°C .
* With a handheld mixer , on medium speed , beat 250 grams cream cheese ( at room temp ) until light and fluffy , scraping the sides as needed . With mixer on low speed , add 235 grams sour cream , 1/3 cup sugar , pinch of salt and 1/2 tsp vanilla ; mix well until combined . Add ( 2 large eggs ) eggs one at a time , beating just until combined .
* Spoon 3 T of the filling  over crust in each cup . Dollop 1 tsp of kiwi sauce in a few dots over each . With a toothpick or a wooden skewer , gently swirl sauce into filling . Place each tin in a roasting pan ( bake in batches if necessary ) ; pour enough hot water into pan to come halfway up the sides of the cups .
* Bake for 30 minutes . Carefully remove tins from the water bath and transfer to wire racks to cool completely  . Refrigerate in tins , uncovered at least 4 hours .

Lovely green color before baking


  1. Yes, the thought of the tang of the kiwi with the sweet cream does make me want some! Also, I am not sure what happened to the kiwis around here but I do miss them. Strange that the color faded and change when baking-I would not have predicted that. Anyhow I am sure the birthday recipient was to busy eating to even notice! Well done.

    1. Luckily , we have kiwi all-year round here or almost ;D It's cheap , too ! Unlike the red berries that retained its gorgeous color after baking , kiwi's disappointment :P but it will look gorgeous as a topping !

  2. I love cheesecake so keep them coming!!! And kiwi is a great addition, but it's too bad that the color muted with cooking...but I would still be happy to eat one!

  3. Anne, your cheesecakes always look so yummy. I think you are truly a cheesecake queen.

  4. Great idea! I love kiwi but never tasted like this!

  5. beautiful swirl on the cheesecakes! here we can get kiwi pie filling which gives an attractive green but i guess that's also color added. Most of the bakeries her use that kind of pie filling. I wouldnt mind your colour!

  6. No worries ... I won't laugh at you! Me too is also crazy about cheesecakes. Already have one in mind ... hehee

  7. looking great n iam sure i tastes best...iam searching some recipes of kiwi from last few days.vl try this....


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