Thai-style chicken wings

Sometimes all you need is some good ol' fried chicken to get through the day .

It's the time of the month .....

Nah , that's my usual spiel whenever I have this urge to eat unhealthy food lol

I carted several new cookbooks from the library few day ago and the cover of one of the book caught my greedy eye . Yeah , fried chicken wings in all its glory ! 

I give myself a good talking to that I need bake a cake or cupcakes so that I can practice my piping skills , it leaves a lot to be desired *sigh* 

The decision is a no-brainer ! 

The recipe is quiet simple and without batter or coating . I want some crispy and crunchy wings so I stole this batter recipe from She Simmers . She used limestone water for her chicken batter and rice flour for coating , and that makes fried chicken stays crisp for a longer time . I don't even knew what limestone is nor where to buy it but combining baking soda and water as a sub will work as well . 

These wings are even better than the Vietnamese wings that I made last time ! The flavor is much more lighter , I think the coriander roots and lime juice balances the strong taste of Thai fish sauce . 

Seriously appetizing with a delightful crispy crunch and not recommended by doctors these wings made my day  ^___^''

Recipe adapted from A Celebration of Food

 1 kg chicken wings , wing tips removed I used mid-joint wings only
2 garlic cloves , peeled I used 5 cloves 
2 red bird's-eye chillies , finely minced 
The roots of several sprigs of fresh coriander roots , finely chopped 6 coriander roots
80 ml Thai fish sauce
20 grams granulated sugar raw sugar
20 ml fresh lime juice 25 ml 
a pinch of ground white pepper
Cooking oil , for frying 

For the batter ( Please check full recipe here )

3/4 cup rice flour
scant 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt
1/2 teaspoon chicken powder
1/2 cup water mix with 1 teaspoon baking soda 

Dry coating : 1 cup rice flour

*  Place garlic , chilli(es) and coriander roots  in a mortar and grind to a paste . Mix this paste with the fish sauce , sugar , lime juice and pepper . Add wings and stir to combine . Cover with plastic wrap and chill for several hours , mixing occasionally . 

* Take out chicken from the fridge 30 minutes before cooking .  

* Whisk batter ingredients together , the batter will be thin . Drop each piece of wings into the batter ( no need to wipe off marinade ) and coat battered chicken with rice flour , shake off excess flour . Lay each piece in a baking sheet to dry out , 15-20 minutes , before frying . 

* Meanwhile , heat oil , when oil is hot , drop each wings gently . Cook in batches ( but not too many at the same time ; this will lower the oil's temperature and will result in soggy coating ) until wings are cooked through . When all wings are done , turn up heat and gently drop the wings to the oil , again in batches , until crisp and golden brown , drain on paper towel . Serve hot with either Thai fish sauce or a drizzle of fresh lime juice . 


  1. They look so crisp and tempting, Anne.

  2. 很坏列~~

  3. Anne,
    I'm here to grab a piece of your yummy wings for dinner:p

  4. I think your fried chicken will help me get through any day, not just the day :p They look delicious, great clicks. It would make me a happy meal :) Have a great weekend Anne!

  5. Can i have a piece of yummy wing and a big cup of coke??!! hehe....

    1. Sureness ! I'll throw in a bowl or two of steamed rice :D

  6. Do you know that you inspired me to search for cook books in my library nearby? And I found a lot of them! That was a very good idea as my apartment is not enough big to store all the books I would love to read:)

    1. Ola , yeah , the library is always my excuse not to buy cookbooks lol

  7. I'm not a big chicken wings fan, but I think I would make the exception for these. These look so good!

  8. Hi Anne, your this crispy chicken is really finger licking good. Half a dozen for me I think not enough... plus I need additional rice too. Thanks for sharing this delightful recipe. Nice click!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Estupenda receta luce muy buena y bien comdimentada,abrazos

  10. Sometimes a "gal" just needs some crispiness, Anne...Today may just be that day!!! These wings "sing" crispy deliciousness! I would love one or two now with that bowl of steamed rice, lol...Thanks for sharing, Anne...

  11. Hi Anne,
    Wow, my favourite, chicken wings!!! And the way I like it, fried and crispy! The next time when you make this again, let me know, I'll be right over! Looks really delicious!!

  12. Oh my! your chicken wings look so delicious indeed! I too want to have a piece to try if I may:)

  13. Good morning Anne, I want to grab these crispy chicken wings through my computer screen now. Look really delicious!

  14. That crispy coating looks irresistible!!! Totally yummy!

  15. Hi Anne, this is so tempting and sinfully delicious!!! Yummy!

  16. Gosh this looks finger licking good.

  17. WOW Anne, Loved these. would love to try


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