Asparagus , shrimp and cashew stir-fry

In some countries , the appearance of asparagus in the market signals the beginning of spring , but not here in Hongkong . We have it here even during winter ! I guess most of what we have here during winter are imported from China  ( as most everything we have here ) but the ones I bought ( almost weekly ) last winter came from Thailand . A bunch / about 100 grams cost $ 10-13 , ridiculously cheap and I just can't resist a good price !

I usually stir-fry asparagus with sliced beef and onion or sometimes when I want a more healthier version , I cook it with button mushroom . Here's another easy-peasy version that you can make in a flash . A simple and delicious dish that's full of flavor and will surely please kids and adults alike ! 

200 grams asparagus , break off woody ends and cut into 1 1/2-inch lengths 
150 grams ( peeled and deveined ) shrimps 
1 clove garlic , thinly sliced
5 grams peeled ginger , thinly sliced
3 tablespoon water or broth
1 teaspoon fish sauce
1/2 teaspoon raw sugar
1/2 teaspoon chilli-garlic sauce
3 tablespoon roasted cashew nuts

* Add a dash of white ground pepper and 1/2 teaspoon tapioca starch or cornstarch to the shrimps , mix well and set aside . 

* Blanch asparagus in a lightly salted boiling water for 45 seconds . Drain and rinse over cold running water , drain well and set aside .  

* In a nonstick pan , over medium-high heat , add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil , when oil is hot , add in the shrimps and cook for about a minute . Take out from the pan and set aside . In the same pan , add in the garlic and ginger , cook until garlic is lightly browned . Add in the asparagus , stir mixture together for few seconds then pour in the water/broth , add in the sugar and fish sauce , stir , then cover and cook for 2 minutes , season to taste . Add in the shrimps , chilli-garlic sauce and half of the cashews , stir everything until well combined . Dish up , sprinkle the remaining cashews on top and serve immediately .


  1. Hi Anne, I want extra rice to go with your this dish. :)) Look really good, great combination. Thanks for sharing your recipe.Excellent pictures!

    Have a nice week ahead.

  2. We love eating asparagus. Stir-fry with prawns is delicious! This is my kinda dish to go with rice. Yum! And one of our favourite asparagus dish is to fry with spicy sambal. Have you seen any white asparagus over there? I am rather curious as have never seen it before and would love to get my hands on some!

  3. Hi Anne!
    Easy-peasy and oh so yummy, I'm sure! It just happens to be National Asparagus Month here in the states. We welcome one of the harbingers of Spring with all kinds of asparagus at the grocery stores. I can't wait until I can buy some home grown from the farmers' market. There are a few local farms that grow asparagus, I can't wait!

    Thank you so much for sharing this dish, Anne, now, to find some nice fresh shrimp, lol...

  4. We're well deprived of asparagus where we are...unless I go and plant some in our garden, but it will take 3 years before harvest:( So....Miss Anne, I'm so envious of your most delicious meal...specially the last photo ... it's just a perfect meal for me:)

  5. Hi Anne, I published a comment but realized it didn't register my name because I used someone else's's just me from Annie's Journal! Yikes! computer sometimes puzzles me LOL!

  6. Perfect clicks, Anne! I like this simple and delicious dish, can eat everyday with rice alone..

  7. Buen complemento me encanta los espárragos,abrazos

  8. 啊!!!我好久没吃这个了,好好吃的哦,可以一口气吃很多饭,嘻嘻

  9. Love this simple and delicious stir fry dish, Anne

  10. oh yeah, sounds easy peasy and looks super yummy !!

  11. I had a stir-fry made with asparagus today too, but simply with shallots and garlic. Yours with shrimp and cashew nuts look so much more delicious!

  12. Sounds extra delicious with the addition of cashew nuts and i like that you added a little spiciness to it :)

  13. I love this dish, it's full of shrimps and my favorite veg, you can have the nuts:) Those shrimps sure look yummy!


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