Brioche by hand

Brioche is on my to-do list since I started making bread . The only thing that stops me from doing it before was the too wet dough . Most bread books and online recipes that I've read recommends to use a stand mixer or bread machine for this kind of bread .

If I can knead a bread dough that will fit into a 13-inch pullman  , why not a brioche ? I don't know why I didn't make it before ! Brioche dough is buttery and it'll stick into your hands when you knead it but you can easily scrape it from your hands . Using a pastry scraper helps in gathering the some runaway dough that will certainly splatter as you throw the dough back and forth . Maybe I find it too easy because I've been kneading manually ever since .

I bet you haven't seen classic brioche top with cheese , I shaped it into spiral so that I can top it with cheese just like the Filipino ensaymada . Ensaymada is a Filipino-style brioche and Spanish in origin , a local pastry topped with sugar and cheese . I've made Ensaimada de Mallorca few years ago and it tastes just like the ensaymada we have back home .

This brioche is actually a brioche dough for making hot cross buns . The Bouchon Bakery book  has 4 brioche dough recipe for making different kinds buttery bread . I've chosen the dough with most butter ha ! and I'm glad that I've made it after procrastinating for so long .

The only thing that I would like to change when I make this next time is the size of the tins , they're way too big ! It measures 4 by 4 1/2-inch on top and 3-inch at the base , 72 grams of dough is not enough , maybe 100 grams will  fit nicely .

Recipe adapted from Bouchon Bakery 

Makes 11 pieces , 3 x about 2-inch bun 

372 grams all-purpose flour
8 grams instant yeast
9 grams fine sea salt
44 grams granulated sugar
186 grams eggs , lightly beaten
63 grams whole milk , warm 
167 grams unsalted butter , cut into 1-cm cubes , at room temperature 

shredded cheese and sugar , optional 

* Place flour in a mixing bowl , put the yeast in one side and the salt in the other side . Use a whisk to combine everything together then add the sugar and mix well . Make a well in the center of the flour mixture and add in the eggs and the milk , use a sturdy spatula to stir everything until it forms a shaggy dough . 

* Tip dough in the work surface and knead for about 4 minutes , spread the dough into a rough circle and place cubes of butter on top , fold in the dough ( the dough will be wet and sticky but still easy enough to handle and don't add any flour ) and continue to knead until butter is thoroughly incorporated into the dough , ( add butter in 4 additions ) ,  kneading well after each . Use a pastry scraper to gather the buttery dough together and continue kneading or slapping / throwing the dough until it's smooth and elastic , about 25 minutes . Form dough into a ball then transfer into a bowl , no need to butter it , cover with plastic wrap and let rest for 1 hour . Scrape dough into a lightly-floured work surface , pat , stretch and fold dough then back into the bowl , cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight . 

* Take out dough from the fridge an hour before using . My final dough is 799 grams . Tip dough in a lightly floured surface , divide dough and shape into a small ball ( each piece is 72 grams ) Working with one portion at a time , shape into spiral , or any other shape you prefer , and place dough into prepared tin , repeat with the rest of the dough . Brush top with egg wash .

* Cover dough with plastic wrap and proof until double in size , about 1 hour and 45 minutes , depending on the warmth of your place / kitchen . 

* 1 hour before you bake the brioche , preheat oven to 190°C . Brush top with egg wash again and bake for 20 minutes or until brioche is golden brown and  the internal temperature is 190°F . Best eaten when brioche is still warm .  

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  1. Sono meravigliose..
    Complimenti per tutte le altre ricette.
    buona giornata.

  2. 哇噻,好软!!!

  3. Brioche is quite expensive to buy in the to keep in budget, we don't get anywhere near them, although we all love Brioche!! I really must get myself inspired to bake them at home just as you did:) Your Brioche looks so yummy - with cheese toppings too...drooling!

  4. These brioche look fantastic! You did a great job, Anne.

  5. Buenísimo ....brioches espojosos me gustan,abrazos

  6. These brioches look delicious, love the cheese toppings on them! Wet dough huh, i am quite impatient with them, have to gather some guts and patience first before trying this out :)

  7. friend, at least you finally tried it out, also in my to do list long ago, hopefully I can try it out soon "water rationing" in my area called to stop, have been suffering no water supply for 2 months already..

  8. I am afraid to bake brioche because of the high butter content but once in a blue moon is fine huh! I must say your hand kneaded brioche look look really soft and delicious and they are tempting me to bake some! Meantime, I will drool over your photos!

  9. OMG! They look just perfect!

  10. OMG, these brioche look so so so tempting. Errr...wish I can have a big bite on it. YUmmm.... Btw, thanks so much for sharing such beautiful recipe at International Yeasted Recipe with us. Looking forward to more homemade bread from your kitchen.
    Enjoy & have a fabulous week ahead dear. ((hugs))
    Blessings, Kristy

  11. this is just what I will make! Delish!

  12. Hi Anne,
    Lovely brioche! Using more butter if fine with me! haha! I prefer making brioche than ciabatta anytime! Brioche dough is silky soft but not sticky, ciabatta is a nightmare, it sticks to everything!
    I have this book finally!! Yipee...yup, another one to my collection. Hahaha! Bought it at a bargain from someone who is turning vegan, and a few other books as well. But have not tried any recipe from it yet.
    I saw those little baking pans just like yours, am so tempted to get them awhile back, but restrain myself from getting more baking pans!!!

  13. Hi Anne, your brioche is so cute and pretty. The texture is so soft and fluffy too. Wish I can have some now with a cup of coffee for my midnight supper. :))

    Have a wonderful day.

  14. i cant remember the dough being wet but brioche is delicious, at times it's good to hv a change instead of plain wholemeal bread like me ...i must say those brioche of yours look gorgeous!

  15. Hi Anne , Love your brioches to bits ! These brioches look perfecto ! I love buttery rich brioche. The more butter the better ! LOL


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