Pad Thai

When you think of Thai food , what comes immediately to your mind ? Tom yum soup ? Pad thai ? Me ? 'tis always pad thai . Yup , because it's fried noodles ....

I already made a passable gon chau ngau ho and char kuey teow so another noodle dish with nearly the same ingredients except adding some that makes this dish unique and a dish that most Thais couldn't live without ....

Pad thai is #5 in World's 50 most delicious food by CNNGO

This is one of the dish I've been hankering about for quiet sometime and since I got most ingredients on hand , so there .

I even made a decent pad thai sauce . Though the recipe calls for Thai seasoning sauce which I don't have , so I made a combination of fish sauce , soy sauce and chili paste and I might say , it's quiet good heh ! But next time will add more chili to the sauce .

And because I always forget to add one ingredient when I cook or bake , this dish is no exception lol Nothing drastic , just the fried shallots  , which I promptly add while I'm scarfing a plateful of pad thai after I finished taking loads of photos of it ! hahahaha

Please click this link for Recipe and video how-to

Chopsticks shot of course ! hee hee


  1. Yes, the first thing comes to my mind is Pad thai. But I did not know that they are fried noodles. I'll go check the recipe.

  2. Oh yum! I love pad thai, this looks delicious! I've got to make this sometime! I'll try my skills at using chopsticks while I'm at it ;)

    1. Hey Cathleen ! There's always a chopsticks shots here every time I made noodles ! hahahaha Thanks for dropping by !

  3. I love Pad Thai, we have it everyday when we were in Bangkok..I still have a packet of dried noodles, you remind me i have to cook it soon.

    1. Sonia , If I were in Bangkok , I'll eat it everyday , too ! hahahah

  4. my English isn't very good I'll try my best
    I'm Thai.. I see ur blog and I'm so interesting!
    ur Pad-Thai dish is look awesome~
    I have my own Pad-Thai recipe [Old Fashion] to share to you ^^
    nowadays Pad-Thai in Thailand popularity use Gas stove
    but I recommend with wood coal stove. it's made Pad-Thai more flavour
    but u still can use gas stove. it's similar for the result

    ผัดไท Pad-Thai

    Hard pork fat [no skin, no meet and keep use the hard fat one] มันหมู
    Fresh Duck Egg [more flavour and texture foe Pad-Thai than Chicken Egg ] ไข่เป็ด
    Minced small red Onion หอมแดง
    Minced Sweet radish [ไชโป๊วหวาน]
    chopped yellow to fu เต้าหูเหลือง
    Dried Shrimp กุ้งแห้ง
    Fresh Shrimp กุ้งสด
    Rice Noodles เส้นเล็ก [like u use but a bit thiner]
    Fish sauce น้ำปลา [or salt if u don't like fish sauce]
    Coconut Sugar น้ำตาลปี๊บ
    Tamarind water น้ำมะขามเปียก
    bean sprouts
    Chinese Chives

    Roast Peanut [minced] and a wedge of lime for garnish
    if you life cchilli powder u can add it too

    Put a pan on a medium-high heat roast the pork fat until oil came out and pork fat a bit crunchy pour in a cup set a side
    in the same pan will have a litle bit coating of pork fat.. put the duck egg to scramble just until firm not well done set a side
    add more pork oil in the same pan stir fry red onion, sweet radish, tofu, dried shrimp and fresh shrimp in the same heat
    keep stir fry until have floavour and onion, fresh shrimp are getting cook add rice noodles in and immediately add fish sauce, coconut sugar, tamarind water, water[or stock] cook it for 2minutes then add bean sprouts and chinese chives cook for 1-2minutes turn of the heat ready to serve

    1. Hey PunNy Baker , thank you so much for dropping by and making this lovely comment and recipe ! Really appreciate it ! Yup , you're right frying it using coal or wood's a great idea , it always gives a dish a much more complex flavor ! Sadly , I'm using induction stove here :P :D But when I go back home ( in the Philippines ) I will surely cook the way you make/cook it !

      Feel free to drop by again !

  5. Well now that your craving is satisfied, it has been passed along to me since I have popped in here to see this tasty dish. The close up with the chopsticks tells me that I need to make this! Thanks for the link to the delicious details.

  6. I love the story you shared here, and well ... Great recipe, gorgeous photos and a lovely write up!

  7. for me it's the soup-tom kha kai or however it it spelled!
    niecely served!

    Life and travelling

  8. You are right! Thats the first thing :) These look great and lovely presentation!

  9. Whoa, this looks so delicious! I love Pad Thai too! I never made it before, but now I have your recipe, i can't wait to make some! Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. If I find all the ingredients here in Italy I want to try this one. Looks yummy.

  11. could not catch up with ur recipes lately :-(wow...this recipe is ne to me ...looks absolutely delicious dear...loved it :-)

  12. yum, that looks good, ann! love tom yum and love pad thai! i actually made it before and like it so much, thanks to your reader for sharing her way of cooking authentic pad thai.

  13. This is our favorite Thai food! So delish!

  14. oh yum! I love your pics too! I just discovered your blog and I loooovvvee it.


  15. Oh, I want this...and I want it now!!! Beautifully done...and such a delicious dish!

  16. This looks so good. I wish I could eat some right now.


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