Stir Fried String Beans with Minced Pork , Tofu and Preserved Kale in Olive Oil

click at your own risk ! 

This is a popular dish served in most restaurant here . Sans tofu .

I made this kind of dish from to time but without using this preserved kale in olive oil . 'tis the first time that I used this condiment -but not the first time to try it as some noodle shop add it as a garnish to their noodles - and was quiet surprised how it transformed my same ol' same ol' stir fried string beans to something much more appetizing .

When you open the bottle you might say ekkkkk as the color's beyond description heh ! but it smells okay .

Omit , substitute and adjust , your choice .

200 grams string beans ,  trim ends ( remove strings at the side if necessary ) and cut
100 grams ground pork
1 block firm tofu , wipe dry , cubed and sprinkle with cornstarch before frying
1 tsp finely chopped ginger
1 clove garlic , minced
1 shallot , sliced
2 tsp preserved kale in olive oil
1/4 tsp chicken powder , optional
2 tsp chili bean sauce
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp oyster sauce
1 tsp cornstarch , 5 tablespoon water , 1 tsp light soy sauce and a dash of ground white pepper mix together

* Add some oil in a pan , stir fry beans until wrinkled and soft . Transfer to a plate ; keep warm .
* In the same pan , add a little bit more oil , fry shallot until transparent , add in garlic and ginger , stir fry until fragrant . Add in the pork , fry until lightly brown , season with chicken powder , sugar and a dash of ground white pepper . Add in the beans and tofu . Stir well ; add in the chili bean sauce and preserved kale sauce , mix thoroughly ; pour in the cornstarch mixture . Mix well until sauce thickens , give another good stir . Dish up . Serve warm and with rice .

Preserved kale in olive oil


  1. looking yumm n tasty dear......awesome....

  2. This is a lovely dish as I love 橄榄菜 very much :)

  3. it looks very good!
    I am not sure whar this kale is:)

    Life and travelling

  4. You are having all the fibre rich food. Yummy looking. Preserved Kale, you mean kale leaves? I have those glutinous rice balls in my mind, every time I forget. Now I am book marking it.

  5. @ Balvinder , yup ! kale leaves and I guess stalks , too ;D

  6. Maybe I can do this without the preserved kale...

    1. Of course ! I've been cooking this dish for years without using that hahaha

  7. Looks so pretty and delicious! Preserved kale? What an intriguing ingredient!

  8. Love preserved kale...the stir-fry looks really tasty and flavourful. Would love some more rice!

  9. wow...what a delicious recipe...drooling here :-)some ingredients like preserved kale is new to me.....what is it exactly ? I have awards for u in my space dear....plz accept :-)

  10. By looking at your pictures, I thought that I could smell the fragrance of this dish... I have tried eating or cooking with preserved kale in olive oil before and the sir fry looks very yummy with the addition of this :D

  11. oh, this look so yummy,more rice for me please, hehehe..

  12. anne, thanks for another idea of cooking with this 橄榄菜, this is indeed a flavourful dish!

  13. whats the taste of kale? looks nice with tofu!


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