Gon Chow Ngau Ho

Or my take on this typical Cantonese dish . I should just write stir fried beef ho fan but I like the sound of gon chau ngau ho -__-''

This is one Chinese dish that I can say with straight face and the Chinese staff who takes my order understand it right away without me saying it repeatedly hee hee

I usually wash ho fan aka rice noodle as it's a bit oily and this time I didn't . Second , avoid stirring it too much , a minimal toss and turn will do or the noodles will break into pieces . A non-stick pan is really a great help or if you're using a stainless steel pan or a wok , be sure to high heat .

Some of the beef ho fan that I ate tend to be very greasy so I used as little oil as possible . I also used soy bean sprouts and it takes more time to cook but I love its texture in this dish .

550 grams fresh wide rice noodles
100 grams beef slices
3 pieces beef balls , cut
150 grams soy beans sprout , rinse and drain
1 stalk celery and 1 red chili , sliced thinly
3 shallots
1 clove minced garlic
some salt and white pepper
some spring onion

For the sauce :

Mix together 1 T dark soy sauce , 1/2 tsp light soy , 1 tsp brown sugar , 1/2 tsp chicken powder , 1 T chili garlic sauce , 5 T water , a dash of white pepper and a generous pinch of salt .

* In a non-stick pan , heat a little bit oil and fry onion and garlic until fragrant ; add in the beef , fry until it changes color ; transfer to a plate , keep warm .
* In the same pan , ( no need to add oil ) stir fry the sprouts , add some water , cover and cook  for at least 5 minutes . Add the beef balls , celery and chili and cook for another 2 minutes ; transfer to a plate , keep warm .
* Wipe or wash the pan ; heat about 1 tablespoon of oil , swirl to coat the pan , add the noodles and stir fry gently as needed , about 4 minutes , don't worry if the noodles clumps together , when you add the sauce it will just separate . Add the beef and the beansprout mixture , stir to combine ; add the sauce , mix thoroughly until well combined . Toss in the spring onion . Give another good stir and dish up . Serve hot .


  1. Very delicious dish...looks tasty


  2. Anne, you speak Cantonese :D I also love 干炒牛河. Please share with me!
    Your cheesecake looks pretty too!

    1. Ann , I should have learned more *sigh* Oh ! still have a bowl here , will give it to you hahahaha

  3. gosh i want that right now.. supper time.. heee..heeee..

  4. Your beef dish looks terrific, Anne! And your cheesecake looks fabulous, too...and I see a beautiful design, not mice :)

  5. Your stir-fried noodle is so professional cooked! It looks very delicious!

    I think I will need lots of skills and a good wok to cook this :p

    1. Zoe , I've been trying to make this dish for several years now but this is only the second time that I finally get it right ( the 1st time was last Saturday hee hee ) ! You should see my earlier attempt tsk tsk hahahaha

  6. You seem like a cheese cake fan.
    The beef stir fry looks pretty healthy and nice.

  7. Awesome...I love ho fan...the Chinese name does sound grand :-)

  8. I have never had the wide rice noodles, so that is a new one for me. I imagine they are much better than the egg noodles we have here. I will need to try those out. Your stir fry does look amazing! You do have a talent for bringing goodies together when it comes to stir frys. Also, those chocolate chasers on top of the cheesecake are fine with me-yum!

  9. wow wow i would love to hv your gon chau ngau ho, though i dont eat beef that much, i will still enjoy your hor fun!! you have good frying skills, your hor fun still very much in big piece

    mouse chasing one another?? haha! i cant stop laughing at what you said abt these!!

  10. I wish we were neighbors so you can always give me some of the yummy stir fries and cheesecakes you make! :)

  11. I really miss rice noodle stir-fry. Looks terrific!
    Even the swirls didn't come through, the cheesecake still looks mightily tempting!

  12. Anne, your beef noodles look super yummy , wish to have a plate for my breakfast now..you did cheesecake again, as you know, I have been busy doing Castella cake. After my success attempt , now time for other cake, hehehe


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