Stir Fried Fuzzy Melon with Fried Minced Fish & Bean curd Stick

Some of you will wonder , fuzzy melon ? huh ?! It's also called hairy gourd , we call it  節瓜 ( written by Mansie ) or jié gua . It has this clear fine hair on its surface thus the name . You can  steam it - stuffed with minced pork ( and shrimp ) , stir fry with dried shrimps and vermicelli  , use it in soups , stews and some other Chinese dishes . You can also use pork spare ribs or chicken in this recipe or go vegetarian . Omit , substitute if prefer .

1 fuzzy melon , peeled and cut into pieces and scrape the seeds ( optional )
about 120 grams store-bought minced fish , fried
about 100 grams soft bean curd sticks , blanched and water squeezed out , cut in half
3/4 cup water
2 cloves garlic
some ginger slices
1 tsp bagoong ( Filipino for shrimp paste ) or any shrimp paste
some salt and sugar to taste
some spring onion , sectioned
1/2 tsp tapioca starch , 2 T water & 1/2 tsp light soy sauce , mix together

* Heat some oil in the pan , fry ginger and garlic until fragrant then add in the shrimp paste  . Add the melon , fried fish and water and season with salt and sugar , bring to boil , adjust taste and add in the bean curd . Cover and let simmer until the melon turns soft and transparent . Add in spring onion , stir and pour in the tapioca mixture , mix until the sauce thickens , give it a good stir and transfer to a plate . Serve hot . Best serve with rice

Fuzzy melon / hairy gourd

Store-bought minced ( dace ) fish

Soft bean curd sticks


  1. Love the idea of hairy gourd with minced fish and shrimp paste. Sounds totally delicious!
    I just love all types of gourds especially when combined with flavorful ingredients!

  2. I make fuzzy melon on its own.
    What are soft bean curd sticks?
    I have tried minced dace fish in the store and the lady told me there was flour in it. But when she was frying in front of me,It smelled so good, I have to try it.

    1. @ Balvinder , soft bean curd sticks are the reconstituted version of dried ones , I really don't know how or what's the process in making it soft , but I guess , either they soaked it in water to make it puffed up and soft . I like it better than buying the dried one , easier and less time to prepare and it really holds its texture and taste less oily , too . Oh , yup ! Flour or maybe cornstarch is added to the fish and it's really yummy ;D

  3. First time on your blog....You have a lovely space....Happy to follow you dear...Do visit me at

  4. Hey Neha ! Thanks so much for dropping by , really appreciate it ;) Will lurk at your page after this hahaha

  5. This is a great dinner dish and I can eat lots of this with a bowl of steamed rice.

  6. This dish sounds really interesting!

  7. A light and delicious meal. Just had some bean sticks for the lunch too.

  8. Wow..loved all the flavors going in.....simply superb :-)


  9. What a lovely dish! I don't know if I could find all the ingredients around here, but I really want to scoop some of the fried minced shrimp right off the screen :)

  10. This is the second time I have seen that fuzzy melon used in a savory dish! We cannot come by those here, but I sure would like to try them. The fried minced fish does look tasty-that alone makes this a winner!

  11. I'm drooling over this magnificent dish.

  12. I need more rice for this dish, sound so yummy!


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