Stuffed it ! :D

You see these kind of food along the streets of Hongkong . Actually more of a street food , it's cheap and satisfying but you can easily make it at home . You can also use bell peppers , fresh mushroom , puffed tofu , eggplant and even bitter melon !

some minced (dace) fish
1 block firm tofu ,  drain for few hours or just wipe it dry with kitchen towel ,cut into 8
chili peppers , deseed and cut into half
some cornstarch to dust the surface of tofu and the inside of the peppers

* Stuff the minced fish evenly into the tofu and peppers . Panfry until golden brown . Serve with soy sauce.


  1. At last one of my fave lurker ! Grab some , fufu hahahaha

  2. I can understand why it is a favorite street food, this looks like a great snack. It comes together so quickly too! Yum!

  3. Here we call this Hakka tofu, usually we add some minced pork into fish paste. Long time did not make this. Thanks for the inspiration.


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