Pancit Canton

Or chow mein which means stir fried noodles . Whatever you call it , it's basically noodles stir fried with some meat , shrimp and  veggies . Some birthday parties in the Philippines won't be complete without this kind of offering , either this or Bihon Guisado - some believes that cooking noodles during your special day symbolizes long life , so avoid cutting it :D . Omit , substitute and adjust if desired .

700 grams fresh egg noodles ( or it is called oil noodles ? )
200 grams cooked chicken pieces
1/2  of a small cabbage , chopped
1/2 of a carrot , julienned
1/2 red onion , sliced thinly
2 cloves garlic , coarsely minced
1 T chili garlic sauce
1 stalk spring onion , sectioned
some sugar and chicken powder , to taste
2 T oyster sauce , 1 T soy sauce , 1 T fish sauce added to 1 cup water and mix

* Wash noodles with warm water , rinse and set aside to drain .
* Sauté onion until slighly soft then add garlic , fry until golden brown . Add the garlic sauce , cabbage and carrots , stir fry for a while to soften the veggies . Add in the chicken pieces so as the noodles , stir fry until well combined .
* Pour in the sauce and water mixture , mix well , then adjust taste by adding some sugar and chicken powder . Cover and simmer until cook , toss in your spring onion , give it a thorough stir . Serve hot .
* Best serve with a drizzle of  lime or lemon juice .

Oodles of noodles

One serving won't be enough :D


  1. Chinese believe that too. Mien on birthdays is a must:D your noodles looks very delicious.

  2. I would like some of this noodley dish. Love the flavors and it looks like it would keep me full for awhile. Hearty and healthy-just the way I like it. Yum!

  3. i espeically like to cook noodle for lunch, quick and yummy.


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