Japanese Cheesecake

I spotted this recipe a long time ago from Diana's Desserts and it's been on my recipe stash for quiet sometime . As I've been planning to bake a cake for Mama's birthday ( the grandmother of the 3 awesome - ok ok not that awesome really hahaha - Chigels ) last September that I spied this recipe ( the spin off of Diana's ) at the gorgeous blog of Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover and also followed her recommended link at The Little Teochew . The 1st time I made it , I was quiet surprise how tall the cake was and how it tasted divine :D  . I have so many photos in my file that I've forgotten to blog it tsk tsk . So this morning I baked it again ( I've been dreaming about it eversince ) when I saw my leftover cream cheese getting a little bit moldy :P :D . But compare to the first one , this one's not that tall , about 2/3 I guess partly because the way I whisked the egg whites - instead of adding the sugar gradually I dumped it all in one go ugh ! so that my whites didn't rise to it's full glory hee hee Another disappointment was that it has a lot of small craters at the top and the insides but suffice it to say that it still taste as divine as the first one . A must keep recipe and once you made and tasted it you'll make this again and again ^-^

140 grams caster sugar
6 eggs , at room temperature , separated
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
50 grams butter
250 grams cream cheese
100 ml fresh milk
60 grams cake flour
20 grams cornstarch
1/4 tsp salt

* Preheat oven to 160°C .  Grease the 8-inch springform/loose bottom pan and line with parchment paper at the bottom and at the side , make sure to extend about 1.5 inches of the parchment paper at the side so that it's higher than the pan .
* Melt the cream cheese , butter and milk over a pan of barely simmering water . Cool the mixture .
* Fold in the flour , cornstarch , salt and yolks to the cream cheese mixture and strain to remove any lumps . Set aside .
* Whisk egg whites with cream of tartar until foamy then add in sugar gradually until soft peaks form .
* Add in the strained cream cheese mixture to the whisked egg whites , fold in gently until well combined .
* Pour into the prepared pan and bake in a water bath for an hour and 10 minutes or until set .
* Leave to cool in the oven with door partially ajar about 30 mintues to an hour .

--- Tenting the top of the cake prevents over browning .

Just don't mind those small craters heh !

The first time


  1. Anne, Your cheesecake looks tall to me and also soft and fluffy...yummy! Do you know that cheesecakes are one of my most favourite desserts?
    Happy Birthday to your Mama :)

  2. I simply love the light and fluffy texture of a Japanese Cheesecake and good to know that this recipe is great and well-tested.

  3. Anne, your cheese cake is walking tall so don't worry about the some small flaws! The taste is more important:D Your mum must be very happy that you baked her this cake. Cheese cake is my favorite cake, I wish I had a daughter who will bake me a cheesecake for my birthday. Want to be my god daughter? hehehe Hugs.

  4. You tempt me to bake this cake again.Yes, this is a real keeper! Thanks for the mentioned.

  5. We have two things in common , our name or nearly ;D and this cake ! Thanks , Ann ;)

    @Zoe , I couldn't eat er get enough of this :D If there's a star rating of this recipe , it will get 5 stars !

    @Quay Po , you're right , taste is always my salvation hahhaha I'll bake sometime and will send it to you online :D & I'll be honored to be your goddaughter ;)

    @Sonia , you're always an inspiration with all your AWESOME baking/cooking posts !!!


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