Snow Peas and Beef Stir-Fry

And yet another wholesome dish that's easy to make . Omit , substitute and adjust ingredients if prefer .

150 grams snow peas , trim ends and strings removed
100 grams beef , thinly sliced
35 grams carrots
some sliced onion
2 cloves of garlic , minced
some sliced ginger
1 stalk of chinese celery , sectioned
1 tsp chilli bean sauce
salt & pepper ,1/4 tsp chicken powder
1/2 tsp oyster sauce to mix with 1/2 tsp cornstarch & 1 T water

* Heat some oil in the pan then add in garlic , stir fry until golden brown , add in the beef , fry until it changes color . Transfer to a plate and set aside .
* In the same pan , add in ginger , fry until fragrant , than add in onion and carrots , fry until soft . Add in the snow peas , stir just to combine , also add in salt , pepper , chicken powder and a splash of water ( not too much , just to moisten , you don't want the peas to be too soft  ) , then add in the fried beef , adjust taste .
* Pour in the cornstarch mixture , stir well to combine then toss in the celery , give another stir then dish up .


  1. I love this simple and delicious dish very much.
    Makes me want to cook this tonight for dinner :)

  2. @Ann , this is one of my fave dish but most of time I tend to overcook the snap peas :P :)

    @Sonia , Thanks !

  3. Ha-I just made this the other day, however, your recipe and picture look much better than mine did. I will need to swap your recipe with the other. Thanks for sharing-yum!

  4. My mum usually stir fry sliced beef with lots of spring onion and young ginger. This will be a nice alternative.


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