Cheap eats @ Tim Ho Wan

Went to Tim Ho Wan again . One of the most popular dimsum restaurant in town , well , more of a hole in the wall place than a Chinese resto  . Arrived there before 6 pm and there's a already a queue outside but not much . Good thing we were there first before a contingent heh! of Japanese tourist arrived , 15 of them ! Lucky us hahahha Nothing special except the baked pork buns , that's the main reason I kept coming back and best of all it's CHEAP !

It's a full house almost all the time .

Steamed rice w/ spareribs ( & one chicken feet :P ) baked pork ( char siu ) bun's a MUST ^o^

Steamed chicken feet and chui chow dumplings

Steamed beef balls

Deep fried glutinous dumplings

The glutton in action :P :D


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