Salmon Penne

Last night dinner and today's lunch :D . It's easy , satisfying and full of carbs :P but there's omega 3 , too hee hee

You'll need :

400 grams penne or any pasta of your choice
250 grams salmon , you can either steam or fry it
100 grams grated cheese , add more if you love it ^-^
a cup of cream , I use Nestlé all purpose cream
a cup of milk
some chopped onion or shallots
some minced garlic
some chopped coriander
some chilli flakes
salt & black pepper to taste

optional : you may add bacon/ ham if it's available

* Boil pasta .
* Sauté onion until soft , then add garlic , fry until golden brown .
* Add salmon , milk and cream , stir until simmering , then add some of the grated cheese .
* Add pasta , mix thoroughly .
* Stir in some of the chopped coriander , chilli flakes .
* Add salt and pepper to taste .
* Garnish with some of the chopped coriander . Serve hot .


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