Garlic chives and beef stir-fry

I love cooking Chinese food because it's easy and fast . Stir frying is what I like best and you only need not much ingredients to create a meal  in a flash . So if you have some ginger , garlic and some condiments ( and you should have :D ) you're good to go !

a bunch of garlic chives , wash and snip both ends then cut as desired
some thinly sliced beef
1 clove mince garlic
some thinly sliced ginger
some oyster sauce , cornstarch , mix together with a little bit of water
salt & pepper to taste
chicken powder ( optional )

* Heat the garlic until brown , then add the beef until very light brown ( don't cook it too long or it will be hard to chew ) , transfer to a plate ;
* In the same pan , add ginger until fragrant , then add the chives , stir and add some tiny bit of water , cover for a minute then add in the cooked beef , stir until just combine , adjust taste by adding salt and pepper , then stir in the cornstarch mixture . Dish up .

Or you can use baby asparagus , just add sliced onion and bell pepper


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