I Scream !!!!!!

So I got this recipe for making Pistachio ice cream from one of the book that I borrowed from the library . I thought I finished jotting it down ( our copier's out of ink , as usual  tsk tsk )  before returning it back . I found out that I have only written the first direction , which is to grind the nuts hee hee . Checking it online  , it takes me a long time to finally made up my mind on what direction should I use . There's so many recipes with different ingredients and how to make it *sigh* . I'd read this recipe and hmmmm so I decided to steep the nuts in my milk & sugar mixture . I'm set . I'll just wing it as I go along . How hard could it be ? As long as my custard won't be as sticky as the last time ^-^"

Pistachio Ice Cream ( makes a pint or so )

50 grams pistachio nuts ( I use lightly salted roasted nuts )
60 grams sugar
2 egg yolks
100 grams whipping cream
200 grams milk

* Grind the nuts ( I added 10 grams of sugar from the recipe )
* Beat the egg yolks & half of the sugar , until pale yellow .
* Heat the milk and the remaining sugar until simmering , then add in the grind nuts and let it steep for 15 minutes .
* Add in the cream , mix thoroughly , put back in the stove and heat again until warm .
* Pour some of the mixture over the eggs and whisking as you pour .
* Return the mixture to the saucepan and stirring constantly , cook until the mixture looks thick but still pourable .
* You can either strain the mixture ,  I didn't ,  and cool the custard in the ice bath .
* Churn in the machine then put in the freezer for at least 2 hours .
* Take some PHOTOS first and eat it immediately hee hee

List of ingredients copied from the book that I borrowed from the lib but forgot the title , sorry , will check it again at the library ☺.

Stop taking photos ! , I'm melting hee hee

Nah !!! It's hot in the kitchen ....

It's the ice cream scoop , it's acting up again hahaha


  1. It is a little hot and stuffy in here and now that I have seen this ice cream I have decided that an ice cream cool down is in order. I have saved this recipe though-your ice cream here does beat what I have on hand. Yum!

  2. hmmm Pistachio ice cream, this sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Great blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. @ Tina , actually I'm counting the days when it would be winter again , summer here is toxic , ugh !!! ....

    @ Anita , Thanks !


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