Matcha ice cream

Winter is nearly over and can't wait for it to begin again lol 

I don't enjoy summer as much as the colder months but warmer temperature makes life a bit easier , like making bread for example , you don't have to wait for several hours when proofing and homemade ice cream , of course ! 

I've got some egg yolks from the matcha financiers that I baked last week and was reserving those to make strawberry ice cream . US and Korean strawberries are cheap right now , well , in some supermarket , but I'm still matcha-crazy so .....

This is a custard-based ice cream , milk , egg yolks , sugar and matcha powder is cooked slowly until it thickens , cooled , whipped cream is added then churn in an ice cream maker . You can serve it right away after churning , it looks and tastes just like a soft serve ice cream . Unlike most ice cream recipe out there , this one has more milk than cream . Note that the recipe below only makes about 480 ml or 1 pint , if you want to double it , use 5 yolks .

It's my smoothest , creamiest homemade ice cream yet with a delighful matcha taste .

Recipe adapted from Okashi

200 grams fresh whole milk ( I used UHT whole milk
3 large egg yolks
80 grams caster sugar ( 90 grams )
10 grams green tea powder ( Uji matcha )
100 grams whipping cream with 35 % fat

* Heat milk in a small saucepan almost to the boiling point then remove from heat and set aside .

* In a mixing bowl , beat or whisk egg yolks and sugar until pale yellow in color , add in matcha powder and mix well .

* Add warm milk and mix well . Return mixture in the same saucepan and heat very gently , stirring constantly , until thickens ( 10-15 minutes )

* Transfer custard into a mixing bowl , place bowl in a larger bowl half-filled with ice water to cool .

* In a chilled bowl , whip cream until stiff peaks form . Add whipped cream to the cooled custard and fold through . Transfer mixture to an ice cream maker and churn for 20-30 minutes .

* Serve immediately , if desired or transfer to a freezer-proof container and freeze for 4 hours . Ice cream is easily scoopable straight from the freezer . 


  1. My ice cream machine is already in use:)

  2. Oh I cannot decide whether I like summer or winter more. One is too hot while the other is too cold.. heh. Your matcha ice cream looks absolutely creamy and delicious, time to take out my ice cream machine!

  3. Hi Anne,
    Ooh... matcha ice cream! Looks divine!

  4. I love matcha ice cream! This would not last long in my house!

  5. So creamy! Definitely a must make during the summer time.

  6. Oh man, this looks so gooooood ! Wish I can some right now. The weather is extremely hot for the past few weeks. Looking forward to more rain.....


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