Matcha financiers

Financier is small French cake , it is light and moist , just like a sponge cake . It usually contains ground almonds , egg whites , flour , sugar and butter . The distinctive feature of this small cake is beurre noissette or browned butter , the butter is cooked until fragrant and golden brown then added to the rest of the ingredients . This cake is traditionally baked in a small rectangular mould which resembles a gold bar . It is said that this cake became popular in the area sorrounding the Paris Stock Exchange ( Wiki )

The list below is the full recipe .  I made half of it and used a mini muffin pan , baked them for 9 minutes and 30 seconds . I don't have a pastry flour so I just used cake flour . I was planning to top it with fresh raspberries but the price is not worth it .

This is one of the easiest French goodies anyone can bake . Rich , buttery yet light in texture and with delightful matcha flavor this cake is pretty fantastic ! 

Recipe adapted from Okashi

50 grams pastry flour or top flour 
10 grams matcha/green tea powder
5 grams cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
130 grams egg whites
130 grams caster sugar
50 grams ground almonds
a pinch of salt
130 grams unsalted butter

* Preheat over to 220°C . Lightly grease 16 small oval-shaped cake moulds , each about 5.5 x 7.5-cm .

* Sift flour , matcha powder , cornstarch and baking powder togrther twice .

* Beat egg whites lightly . Add in sugar and mix well , followed by ground almonds , flour mixture and salt , mixing well after each addition . Be careful not to overmix , set aside .

* Prepare an ice water bath .

* In a small saucepan , cook butter over medium-low heat , whisking frequently until fragrant and golden brown in color . Pour into a mixing bowl and place bowl into an ice water bath to stop butter from cooking further and burning .

* Add browned butter to egg white mixture and mix well . You can either transfer the batter to a piping bag and pipe batter into the prepared moulds or use a spoon .

* Bake financiers for 10-15 minutes or until they are light golden in color . Remove the cakes the from moulds and cool on a wire rack before serving .

* Financiers will keep in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 5 days or up to 1 month in the freezer .


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