No-bake rocky road mousse cake for 2

How's July treating you so far ?

I can't believe we're over halfway through 2013 !

I'm really looking forward for the cool days ahead okay , maybe not for another 3 months .... or less , hopefully ?!

Yeah , all those bookmarked , xeroxed and clipped recipes are still waiting to be baked/cooked *sigh*

I need to stop twiddling my thumbs and stop cussing the searing hot weather for my inactivity read : laziness -___-''

This was only the second time that I baked gelatin-based dessert and I'm gotta tell you , it melts as fast as ice cream . I'm exaggerating but not that much - I just unmolded it and I had a hard time smoothing it out since it gets soft really fast ......

I had to chill and re-chill it several times when I was taking photos of it . I made it 2 days ago and didn't have time to take photos prior and got only one piece left to play with ....

You know how hard it is especially when it comes to desserts not to gobble it up as soon as possible , right ?

I should have tripled the recipe lol

Do I need to tell you how luscious each and every bite ?!

Recipe adapted from 《2人免焗小蛋糕》

For the base : Combine 45 grams of crushed digestive biscuits and 15 grams of softened butter together and press evenly into two 3.5-inch round mousse rings.

For the filling :

200 grams heavy whipping cream
50 grams chocolate
5 grams leaf gelatin , soaked in a cup of cold water for 10 minutes or so
1 tbsp caster sugar
18 pieces mini-marshmallows
20 grams dark and white chocolate chips plus more for topping
2 tsp chopped almonds
some whole almonds

* Melt chocolate in a bowl set over a pan of barely simmering water ; let cool .

* Beat heavy whipping cream with electric beater at medium speed until stiff ; add caster sugar . Mix well . Add melted chocolate to the cream mixture . Dissolve gelatin in 2 tablespoons of hot water and add it to the chocolate-cream mixture , mix thoroughly . Add some marshmallows , chocolate chips and chopped almonds, mix well .

* Pour mixture into the mousse ring ; chill in the fridge until set . Remove the mould and decorate with remaining marshmallows ,  chocolate chips and whole almonds .


  1. Oh my! I love the look of your cake with all the hidden fillings, can understand why it got gobbled up fast! Gorgeous photos!

  2. I can imagine the hassle of taking pics when the object keeps melting, just like ice cream. Looking from the pics, who can resist not gobbling them up?

  3. Beautiful! I think I will finish this dessert before I started to take the pictures :D

  4. Hi Anne, have you email you this rocky road mousse? :))

    This is so luscious, delectable and to die for kind of dessert. I sure love it... I go make coffee. Yours with extra sugar or less sugar? LOL
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Have a nice day.

  5. just send it to me, please:)

  6. Anne, that's a beautiful mousse cake. I love the hidden treasure in it.
    Stay cool and eat more cold sweets!

  7. Love the flavor combination!

  8. A lovely dessert! Yeah, you should have tripled the recipe and then invite me over! Haha! Yummy!

  9. Hi Anne,
    i am drooling over your rocky road mousse cake,

    Agreed that it is really hard to take pictures of ice-cream or mousse cake that easily melt in this Hot Hot Hot weather,

    But i love your clicks they look awesome!!


  10. i can imagine how difficult it is to shoot these delicious mousse in hot air! LOL! the photographer sweat too? no matter what, it looks very tempting! btw, can i hv your email address?

  11. I;m making this now!!! it looks incredible and the flavors perfect :))
    Mary x

  12. Hi Anne,

    I can understand that baking is a big no no for warm weather. Have been to Hong Kong in May before and see what you mean... That's why I never bake this much when I was living in Singapore :p

    July has been tough for me... Baking is good because it warmed the house :D But winter washing is yucky! Good that your non-bake mousse is helping you to chill out. Cheers!


  13. Wow, what a spectacular dessert, Anne!!!! I'd have to triple it, too!!!

  14. Wow wonderful photography! Love the smooth texture of this mousse cake.

  15. Anne, this really looks luscious! Love how there are more of the toppings hidden inside the cake!

  16. No bake cake sounds good for this summer and your images clearly show how luscious it is!

  17. Oh My! This is soooo inviting full with yummilicious goodness! No bake sounds even better for a hot summer day. No extra heat in the kitchen! LOL I think I'll triple this recipe for sure! Well, I can eat all the portion in one sitting especially on a 'hwat' day ! No problemo! LOL

  18. Oh My God! My waist will increase another inch or half an inch? :)

  19. Anne I need to shift near you or you need to shift near me, this is not working. I was being a good girl eating yogurt and granola for breakfast and then I come to your blog and see this mousse cake and now I want some. *Sigh*

  20. Anne Can't find the older post button on your blog do I see all those posts of yours which I missed?

  21. July has been quite a fickle month. But, I plan on enjoying every moment of it because as you say Anne, time is flying by! As the days heat back up, a No Bake Dessert is more than welcome. And who could resist one that includes Mousse!

    Thanks for sharing...


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