Snow peas , mushroom and pork stir-fry

I thrive on simple , easy , nutritious and affordable dish ....

Especially the last part ....

But then who wouldn't ? In this day and age ?

Everything is so expensive that when I see a sign - this way to the mall - I go the other way so as not to be tempted with everything that I want but don't really need  lol

I'm sure you've seen my previous post . That cost me a dollar only , the cheapest , I bet in food blogging ....

Who says food blogging is expensive ?! I beg to disagree ! I bet some of you also lurk at some beauty blogs . I'm sure you've seen  that a mere bottle of nail polish retails for more than HK $ 100. ?!!! Don't forget the price of lipstick , eye shadow , eye liner , foundation , moisturizer...... To think you can't eat those . But then you can use those war paint over and over again , that is , until the new season dictates a new trend , then you want to buy something new , again . At least you won't a problem gaining weight while putting on your make up ^___^

Don't worry , moderation is the key . As long as you won't stuff yourself silly with everything that is deliciously awesome but unhealthy food , you're safe .

Yeah , keep telling that to your self , Anne lol

Serves 1 , on its own or with rice

80 grams snow peas , trimmed
60 grams  shimeji mushroom
50 grams pork tenderloin , cut into bite-sized pieces
2 shallots , cut into quarters
1 tsp finely chopped ginger , divided
1 clove garlic , minced
1/2 tsp chili sauce
1/4 tsp brown sugar
a pinch of coarse salt
1 stalk spring onion , sectioned plus extra for garnish

* Marinate pork slices with a tiny bit of coarse salt , a dash of ground white pepper , 1/2 tsp of light soy sauce , 2 drops of sesame oil and 1/4 tsp of tapioca starch . Mix well and chill in the fridge for 20 minutes

* Trim and briefly rinse mushroom under running water , drain well ; set aside .

* In a large nonstick pan , pour a little bit oil , add in half of the ginger , stir fry until fragrant then add in the mushroom , cook for about a minute . Transfer to a plate , keep warm .

* In the same pan , wipe the surface with kitchen towel , add a little bit oil , put in the shallots , ginger and garlic , stir fry until fragrant , add in the pork , cook for 2 minutes . Add in the snow peas , some salt and chili sauce , stir well to combine , cook for about 30 seconds . Add in the mushroom and   pour in 2 tablespoons of water , adjust seasoning . Add in spring onion ,and give it another good stir . Dish up and serve immediately .

This post is linked to the blog hop event Little Thumbs Up organized by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Doreen of My Little Favourite DIY . The ingredient for this month is MUSHROOM and hosted by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours . 



  1. Hi Anne,
    A lovely dish! I love all the ingredients! I'm one of those who do not use any make-up and who does not like shopping UNLESS it is for my kitchen and cooking books for my bookshelf!! Which do not come cheap either! LOL!
    Thank you for linking this lovely dish to LTU!

  2. maybe food blogging is expensive too but what a pleasure to eat everything afterwards:)
    Blog about life and travelling
    Blog about cooking

  3. Hi Anne, very healthy dish. No need rice, just eat on it own also nice. I love the snow peas. :)

    Makeup nowadays is definitely very expensive and not forgetting our skincare products! Imagine the face itself at least need 6 to 7 bottles of skincare from cleansing to anti wrinkle cream. Make up another 7 to 8 types of the face. LOL
    If use calculator to count, smoke might come out. So I think food blogging still cheaper and can fill our stomach too. :))

    Have a nice day.

  4. Yep, it cannot be expensive food because the simple ones contains great flavors too. This is similar to our Chinese style of cooking and its also one of my fav, just that I don't cook pork at home. That said, am sure chicken will be great too.

  5. Hi Anne! What a beautiful and healthy dish!

  6. Snow peas, mushrooms and pork? Sounds incredible!! I'd need to make a few batches of this yummy recipe :)

  7. i see those shimeji mushrooms here all the time but i'm kinda scared of 'em! :))

  8. Anne, this is what I want. Simple, delicious and healthy! Love your pictures, lovely clicks :)

  9. What a delicious and simple dish, definitely comfort food for me!

  10. The cost of living is increasing at fast pace everywhere and what we need is nutritious and affordable dishes. This looks like a wonderful dish and I checked your steamed egg, too. I sometime microwave eggs but never tried steaming it in wok. Great idea.

  11. Very attractive looking mushrooms Anne... we can't get those here:( and I love the snow peas too... Crunch, crunch, crunch!...Mmmm, your dish is just so yum!

  12. You are right Anne, eating out is so horrendously expensive these days...even if its just simple foods. Way better to cook at home , even the simplest food. This dish is so homey and comforting. Going onto my homey dish list :)

  13. while you try to stay away from the supermarkets to avoid buying the things that you might not need, i will try to stay away from those cosmetic or beauty related shops, if go in sure will buy something :D i like this kind of homey veggie dish.

  14. A nice homey dish you have got there, love the clicks. I guess as long as we dont overindulge we wont overspent from food blogging, besides family gets to eat home cooked dishes although not piping hot because blog always eat first for the photos!

  15. This is a very healthy and yummy looking dish! Looks really refreshing!

  16. just simply delicious!:) Thanks for sharing the recipe

  17. Love this simple healthy dish but yet so yummy! We're seasonal as it's better quality & tastier too. Well , I try to avoid going to the mall or even supermarket as everything is so tempting & calling for me everywhere ! LOl


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