Chinese steamed egg


How do you like your eggs ?

Me ? I like eggs in any form .....

Don't be dirty-minded ......

Heck , I even like Balut  lol 

Steamed egg is not as popular as sunny-side up or scrambled even boiled egg , that is , outside Asia ....

I haven't even heard of it before coming here .....

If you're a Chinese , you've already tried this and I'm sure a fixture in your Mom's home-cooked meal ....

For those who haven't eaten it before , just imagine you're eating Taho or silken tofu because the texture is almost the same .....

The texture of this steamed egg is smooth as silk as long as just strain the mixture and cover it with foil before steaming ....

The right proportion of water to egg is really important to achieve the light and smooth texture ...

It may not look much but what can you expect with just one egg and water combination ?

A drizzle of light soy sauce and some diced spring onions is a must !

Serves 2 or 1 hungry tummy

1  ( 65 grams ) egg , at room temperature
80 ml  lukewarm water
a small pinch of salt

some light soy sauce and diced spring onions to serve

* Whisk egg thoroughly , season with salt and add in the water ; stir well until combined . Strain mixture and pour it in the two small bowl or a shallow plate and cover the top with foil .

* Steam in a wok over medium-high heat , with the cover slightly ajar to let some of the steam escape ,  8 to 12 minutes ( check after 8 minutes ) or until mixture is firm  .

* Drizzle with soy sauce and garnish with some spring onions , serve warm .


  1. I love this silky smooth steamed egg very much and I always make this whenever I ran out of idea what to cook.

  2. Anne, thank you ...thank you for sharing this recipe! I've always wanted to do this but never managed to...simply because I don't know how...Thank you for your tip. I didn't realize it is not as complicated as it looks:) I'm sure this is better than the balut...:)

  3. haven't seen this here, tiyay. I wonder why, or basi i'm too manul to know?! :))

  4. I love eggs - this is such a great way to prepare and eat them! it could become a favorite!
    Mary x

  5. Hi Anne,
    My kids love steamed eggs. I do not always cooked this at home! Usually we would have it at Chinese restaurants. This dish in a great one to have when dining with kids and the elderly.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I also like eggs!! But I have never tried balut, but I have never heard of anyone liking it :p.
    This looks fantastic!

  7. My fav, the steamed egg and any other style eggs are cooked. I have never made this before and thanks a lot for the recipe. Gonna keep aside for the next weekends. Lovely custard outcome and the little drizzle of soy is perfect.

  8. I can never get tired of eating or making them, they are my rescue when i am lazy or out of ideas :) Yours look good, silky smooth like taufoo fah. Look so pretty in a small bowl. Oh, and thanks for introducing balut, but i dont think i am game for it :)

  9. wow, so smooth! i wish my skin is like that!

  10. Yeah your egg is so silky smooth! I can't believe you like balut too, wow u r such a brave person for eating that!

  11. What beautiful texture, Anne. This is so hard to make and you've got it perfect!

  12. wow, this is sort of fascinating. almost custardy! i love eggs in all forms i've tried, so i'll definitely have to try this one. seems toddler friendly too...

  13. Hi Anne! You must have been reading Amelia's posts.... So naughty!

    I like your egg (dun be dirty-minded too! :D)!

    Seriously, I have been eating this kind of steamed eggs since I was a boy... light and smooth... absolutely love it!

  14. So tender and delicious! I remember I had it with pork floss and century eggs. Really delicious!

  15. Very simple and easy to make.. Will definitely try this.. Thanks for sharing.. I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog..


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