Chocolate-coffee yogurt mini cakes

I've started this blog out of sheer boredom .....

Who would have thought that after 2 years , I'm still blabbing here ?

Iv'e met some AWESOME BLOGGING FRIENDS from different parts of the world through this little corner of mine  ......

Made / baked something out of my comfort zone -though most of it leaves a lot to be desired , at least I tried , right ?  ^__^ ''

So , thank you loads , blogging friends and lurkers alike for checking out this site ; hope you'll continue to lurk and if you dare , leave a comment lol 

And if you're expecting a GIVEAWAY , you'll be disappointed ! Sorry guys , I don't have a budget right now *sigh* Just keep coming back , you'll know it when you see it here !

For now , here's something you can drool over .....

A delicious mini cakes , flavored with chocolate and coffee - yogurt makes it moist and soft . A fool-proof recipe , it doesn't need a mixer and it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare .

I've made this cake few days ago for a kid's birthday , baked it in an 8-inch cake pan - " this cake is excellent for children's birthday cakes " a quote from Leiths Baking Bible and it delivers ! I've got some yogurt left so I baked it again since I've only eaten the top the first time I made it heh !

Don't mind the nearly melted chocolate frosting - it looks like a chocolate ganache though instead of whipped ganache, summer's making its debut this week and it was 31°C outside when I've taken the photos pffftttt !

Chocolate yogurt cake , recipe adapted from Leiths Baking Bible

Makes a 20 cm / 8-inch cake

3 eggs , at room temperature
150 ml sunflower oil
150 ml natural yogurt
4 tablespoons golden syrup
85 grams caster sugar
225 grams self-raising flour
4 tablespoons cocoa powder
1/4 tsp baking soda

* Preheat oven to 170°C . Grease a deep 8-inch baking pan and line the base with parchment paper .

* Sift together the flour , cocoa powder and baking soda , set aside .

* In a large mixing bowl , beat together eggs , oil , yogurt , syrup and sugar . Fold in the flour mixture , using a large metal spoon . Pout into the prepared pan .

* Bake in the center of the oven for about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours ( check after 50 minutes , depending on your oven , I baked mine for 55 minutes ) or until top springs back when pressed lightly .

* Remove cake for the oven and allow to cool in the pan for 10 minutes , then turn out on to the wire rack and leave to cool completely .

For the chocolate frosting : In a small heat-proof bowl , combine 150 grams chopped chocolate ( a combination of Lindt dark and milk chocolate bar ) and 150 ml whipping cream . Set bowl over a pan of barely simmering water , stir until melted . Take off from heat and let cool completely or chill in the fridge , stirring from time to time . Use a handheld mixer and whip the ganache until thickens . Pipe some frosting on top of cakes .

***** I've made half of the recipe and modified some of the ingredients : 60 ml sunflower oil , 1 1/2 tablespoons golden syrup , added 1 tsp coffee paste and 1 1/2 teaspoons instant espresso granules . I used 13 ( slightly bigger ) mini-muffin tins and baked the cakes for 20 minutes .


  1. Anne, it looks so simple to make but very cute! I'm eyeing and coveting those mini cake pan of yours!
    Hey! Keep on blogging...because you make many lurkers happy... I must admit that I get my GIVEAWAY every time I visit you...what more could I want?? :)

    1. Annie , cute , aren't they ? Will buy some later for the giveaway ;D

  2. Hi Anne, your mini cake look so delectable and inviting. Look extremely good and very chocolatey, very pretty too.

    Nice to meet you too, you're a wonderful blogger friend. Me too, didn't expect that I can continue blogging until today. :))

    Have a nice day.

    1. Amelia , even though we are too lazy to post from time time , right ? lol

  3. this is so yummy, I would def. try this sometime soon. I also love to meet new friends all over the world and blogging make it happen for me..:)

    1. Melgie , travelling far and wide , tasting their scrumptious dishes er virtually within the comfort of your own home :D

  4. Anne, Happy Anniversary! 2 years!! I'm sure there are many more awe-inspiring posts to come.
    Love these chocolate yogurt mini cakes, very pretty!

  5. Hi Anne! It's my great pleasure to have met you in this blogsphere! As long as you continue to blog, I will continue to lurk! :D

    Keep it going, my pal!

  6. Anne, these r such cuties, but did i miss out the coffee bit? :p. looks easy enuf for this noob, i shall try :)

  7. hi anne, you are one awesome blogger friend to me too, and so glad to hv known you. NO, not expecting any giveaway, but do hope that i can meet you one day. Always adore your mini bakes, they are so pretty!

  8. Hi Anne,
    Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary! You are an awesome blogger and so glad to know you! The most cool giveaway is the visit you made each time!
    Your mini cakes looks so elegant, love the shape of the cake! And adding the coffee paste and granules sounds fantastic to me!
    You keep rocking, gal! Would love to have a cuppa coffee with you someday!

  9. Such decadent cupcakes, Anne. As professionally done as those in the shops! But yours looks way better!

  10. Happy Blogging Anniversary! I am great to know you and appreciate what you had helped me from a stranger like me, hehehe.. I love your bakes! love the mini cute cake tins and this cake sound absolutely good!

  11. Glad to know there are still some blogs who don't organize a give away, I was feeling a little guilty lol! Again, how do you manage to unmould your cakes without making a mess? look awesome!

  12. i was pretty sure I have commented just now but don't see now lol! Anyways, love your mini cakes and am very impressed that you unmould your cakes so neatly! Awesome!Oh and am very happy to know you too:D your blog is the place to go if I want to do some drooling lol!

  13. Hi Anne,
    Happy Anniversary!!
    I love your cuttie mini cakes!!
    Nope!! i am not expecting any giveaway but i am into your mini
    It is so wonderful to have a blogger friend like you. You are nice, funny and most of all very cheerful:D
    Cheers XOXO


  14. Hey Anne, Sorry I missed your delicious post, I am too busy these days preparing for a dry grad party in school. I am the decorator. Congratulations for blogging successfully for two years. I love you and your comments and you know I visit very limited blogs that I like.Now I am blabbering here and didn't talk about your mini cakes. They look really cute.

  15. Happy Blogging Anniversary!!
    These cute cupcakes look so tempting, Anne.

  16. Hi Anne,
    Your mini chocolate cakes in the photography are looking delicious... thanks for sharing this nice simple recipe.
    Sweet revenge london

  17. What is golden syrup? Is it maple syrup? Sorry my ignorance.


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