Penne with bolognese sauce

We've been enjoying a cool and sunny weather these past few days .......

According to the Observatory , we're going to have a long cold winter .....

Not good for making ice cream , I'll tell you ! lol

But good for the warm and hearty meals that you can't wait to scarf down while it's piping hot ......

Congee immediately comes to mind but I got a can of pasta sauce that's calling my name ^____^ ''

So , pasta it is ....

This is a spin from Martha Stewart recipe , though I used pasta sauce instead of tomato sauce and added some tomato ketchup so it doesn't look like your typical bolognese sauce . Maybe it's not bolognese sauce at all ; mine is more saucy , no pun intended heh ! and spicy as well ......

Fresh rigatoni with bolognese sauce  , recipe from Martha Stewart

3 tablespoons olive oil
1 small carrot , peeled and grated , about 3/4 cup
1 rib celery , chopped , about 1 cup
1 large red onion , finely chopped
1/3 pound ground beef
1/4 pound ground pork
2 cups canned peeled whole tomato
2 tbsp tomato paste
coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
2 tbsps heavy cream , optional
1 pound fresh rigatoni

***** I used 2 cups of pasta sauce , 1/4 cup tomato ketchup , 1/2 cup water , 300 grams ground pork , 3 rashers of bacon , generous teaspoon of chili flakes , 1 tsp oregano , a handful of chopped cilantro , some brown sugar and penne instead of rigatoni . I cooked my sauce for about 30 minutes .

* Heat olive oil in a large saucepan , over medium high heat and add , carrot , celery and onion , cook for 2 minutes . Add the beef and pork , until meat in nicely browned , 15 to 20 minutes . Add tomato sauce , paste and 1/4 cup water and season with salt and pepper . Cover and cook , stirring occasionally for an hour .
* Meanwhile , boil pasta until al dente , drain . Add heavy cream if using and stir to combine . Serve immediately over pasta .


  1. Looks delicious, Anne... I always love your pasta dishes... you make a simple dish look oh so delicious.

  2. And it is raining cats a and dogs here. I can have a plateful of penne with bolognes sauce. I am sure I can easily replace pork and beef with soya granules.

  3. Looks great! Am sure everyone enjoyed it very much.

  4. Just can't say no to pasta meal...but congee would have been OK too ;) BTW, I like your new Title Design layout but am missing the wooden paddles mooncake moulds background...

    1. Annie , it's way past Mid-Autumn so I took it down ! lol

  5. Anne, The weather is very gloomy and it has rained nearly every day for the past one week. I'd love to have this saucy bolognese pasta for lunch or even dinner. Looks so delicious and nice click :)

  6. Hi Anne, yuuhhuuu.... this look soooo good. It sure look yummylicious and appetizing. I'm hungry now, wish I can have some now. LOL

    Have a nice weekend. Regards.

    1. Amelia , I reserve a big bowl just for you just in case you're passing by ! lol

  7. This is exactly the type of pasta sauce which I prefer:)
    ps. not good news about the cold winter...
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  8. Oh yum, I can just imagine how wonderfully

  9. This homely pasta is definitely comfort food that keeps the tummy warm during the cold winter.

  10. perfect!!
    thanks for the yummy recipe.

  11. Perfect meal for this rainy week! I love pasta with a yummy red sauce!

  12. i dont even mind if it's real bolognese sauce or not as long it tasted good and from the picture i can tell it is a good one!so will you be making some ice cream during the cold weather that is coming soon? hehe..

  13. This looks delicious! Perfect for any weather, I'll say!

  14. aw i'll miss your ice creams :) this looks yummy! i like how you experimented with the recipe...i don't always do that, shows creativity...


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