Panfried taro cakes

Lately , I've been too lazy to take some photos much less blab ......

Maybe , it's the time of the month ?! lol

Or the change of temperature ......

Have you watched Cake boss ?!

Okay , that's what I've been doing this past few days .....

Watching it , online ..... you should ! ^___^''

Anyway , since it's little cool out here these past few days , the morning that is , noontime , still hot ....

I've been craving for taro cakes to go with my hot tea or coffee ......

You'll see loads of this steamed cake in the bakeries or Chinese restaurants during Chinese New Year only but you can order this ( in slices ) all year round when you go yumcha ....

Much as I love the turnip cake , taro cake is much more easier to prepare .....

Recipe from Martin Yan's Chinatown Cooking

My slight modification in red 

1 pound taro root , peeled and cut into 1/2-inch dice
1 tbsp salt

4 dried black mushrooms , soaked and sliced
1/4 cup dried shrimp , soaked and coarsely chopped ( 3 tbsp ) 
2 tbsp oil
1/2 cup shallots , chopped
1/2 Chinese sausage ( lap cheong ) about 1 ounce , chopped ( I used 1 sausage )
1 green onion , trimmed and chopped
1 cup rice flour
3/4 cup water ( 1 cup ) 
3/4 cup boiling water ( generous 3/4 cup )
1/4 cup potato starch
1/4  tsp salt
1 tbsp soy sauce
/12 tsp sesame oil
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 tsp chicken powder
pinch of ground white pepper

* In a medium saucepan , bring water to a boil and add taro and salt . Adjust heat so the water is simmering , cover the post and cook for 10 to 15 minutes or until taro is tender . I steamed mine for 15 minutes , mashed about 2/3 of the taro and leave the rest whole . Drain and mash the taro , leaving some lumps , set aside .
* Heat wok or a pan over high heat , add the oil and add in the shallots , sausage , green onion , mushrooms and dried shrimp , stir fry until shallots are soft and sausage is cooked through , 2 to 3 minutes . set aside .
* Stir the rice flour and the water together in a large bowl until well blended . Add the boiling water , potato starch and salt , stir until well blended , then stir in the mashed taro , the shallot mixture , soy sauce , sesame oil , sugar and pepper , ( adjust seasoning according to taste ) mixing thoroughly . Spoon batter into a greased 8-inch glass pie plate or a cake pan .
* Steamed over high heat for about 30 minutes or until the cake is set and firm . Let cool . Slice and panfry on both sides and serve with chili sauce .


  1. I love this, yours looks so good!! Delicious.. I have always wanted to make this, and will do it soon.

  2. I've never seen or tasted these cakes before, but with all the yummy ingredients, I can see why you love them. Have a great weekend, Anne!

  3. This is amazing. I love the flavors you've packed into this cake.I'll have to find a store that sell the taro because I really want to try this. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. Oh Anne...I love steam taro cakes...pan fried it?! Mmmm...even better!! I'm so impressed with your cooking skills:)

  5. hi anne, i love taro cake as well as radish cake!i've tried fried radish cake before but strangely enuf, i never had pan fried taro cake before! really looks yummy good!!beautiful presentation too!

  6. looks very nice! it's the part of the year, we are saving energy for winter I guess

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  7. Anne, I do see steamed cakes in Chinese bakeries not sure they are made of taro or turnips.I am looking forward to try this. Rice flour, potato starch are the common flours that I use.Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Anne, your taro cake look extremely good. Very nice texture and lots of ingredients. Wish I can have 2 slices now cos it's my favorite. LOL

    Have a nice weekend, regards.

  9. i love this taro cake too, simply just dip it with chili sauce, yummy!

  10. looks mouthwatering...just delicious!

  11. One must-have during CNY! Miss good taro cakes.

  12. Hi Anne,

    Seems like you have been a superb Martin Yan's apprentice :D

    These taro cakes look very delicious, even better than the ones that are sold in the stores!


  13. I just had this for breakfast.. yum yum! I like yours cos it's chock full of ingredients.. :)

  14. Taro, radish/carrot or pumpkin... I like traditional chinese cakes (kuey) with these root vegetables. Never go wrong...


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