Strawberry Ice Cream

I haven't made ice cream for nearly 3 weeks and that's a long time for me . I've been itching to try to make  white chocolate ice cream but then I saw some strawberries at the wet market . Strawberry season won't be here until late next month but there are loads of it now . But don't be fooled by the gorgeous red color , almost all of them are tart - even during it's peak season , you seldom find a whole box of really sweet strawberries , well , if you're really really lucky :D I have this recipe that I jotted down few months ago from an article - Aggie's Kitchen - of Goodhousekeeping magazine UK , May ( I guess ? )

Put 500 grams of hulled and chopped strawberries and 100 grams of caster sugar in a pan over gentle heat and cook it until it turns saucy . Cool then purée . Add 300 ml double cream . Churn .

* I added some grated lemon zest and some lemon juice .

Makes about 1.6 liters / about 8 cups



small scoops

full house after 40 minutes of churning

the usual suspect :D


  1. Anne, I want to have a scoop of your strawberry ice cream now. Looks very creamy, simply perfect!

  2. Love it. This ice cream looks amazing. I love those little spoons. I just bought a couple at the chef store. So cute.

  3. I have yet to make a creamy ice cream like yours. I still have not succeeded.

  4. This looks like something I could definitely enjoy. It looks so fluffy and creamy! Love the color too. No doubt it is delicious.

  5. It's cold here, but I wouldn't mind having a scoop or two of your yummy strawberry ice cream!

  6. How I wish we had some ice-cream weather!!

    It looks simply delicious.

  7. That ice cream looks spectacular. I made a strawberry buttermilk ice cream last week, but I also made a pumpkin gingersnap cookie ice cream with chocolate chunks, and that was better! I love the endless flavor possibilities with ice cream!

  8. Okay I tried to take pics with the little spoons and they didn't work out. Gonna try again cuz yours look awesome!

  9. WOW! what brand is your ice cream maker?

  10. I love making my own ice cream too and your strawberry ice cream is beautiful!

  11. Thanks guys ! ♥♥♥

    @peachkins , Moulinex , it's an old model , and it's only a $100/ about P550.


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