Mango & Yogurt Ice Cream

I've been gearing myself up to make frozen yogurt but as always something or other will come up tsk tsk . So after weeks of dreaming that frozen yogurt , I finally made it er but not really froyo pftttt ^o^ . To think with all the time lurking online , besides salivating over some yummy food blogs , checking out Macy's and Target site ( a moot point since I'm so far away from the US of A , sighing with all that kitchen goodies that's very affordable compare here grrrrr , case in point that gorgeous Silpat , size 11x16 here cost a whopping HK$250 , 'nuff said :P ) I got a time to check how many cups could I get if I drain a tub of yogurt *sigh* . I just planning to make half of the recipe , I thought I could get 1 cup and a half out of that 1 tub , obviously not hahahah Note to self : 1 tub ( 475 g ) plain yogurt , ( drained several hours to get that gorgeous greek-style yogurt consistency ) = 250 ml / 1 cup only heh ! That's what I get because as always I'm too cheap to buy the real greek-style yogurt hee hee I told myself to buy another tub and drain it but had to wait again for another day to make it ( we don't have a greek-style yogurt in our area ) . I already had all the ingredients , I got a 2 punnets of blueberries and also bought 3 mango ( Philippine mango , of course :D ) , but the mango won hands down coz of it's gorgeous color ^-^" , except not enough yogurt . But because neccessity is the mother of invention or in my case , substitution hee hee I plowed ahead and got these gorgeous result , doing a happy dance now ..........

yield : about 6 cups / 1 1/2 L

2 cups diced mango
1/2 cup/ about 58-60 grams , icing /confectioner's sugar ( you can use either granulated or caster sugar )
1 cup drained plain yogurt / greek-style
1 cup cream
1/2 tsp loosely-packed lemon zest
scant 1 tbsp lemon juice

* Dump the mango and sugar into food processor to purée ( or you can use blender so that you can dump all the other ingredients after you processed the mango and sugar ) , then add the zest and the juice , adjust taste according to your preference ( by adding more sugar , note that yogurt is tangy ) . I use our mini food processor , so there's not enough space to add the cream & yogurt , so I transfer the mango mixture to a big glass container and add in the remaining ingredients , using a wire whisk to combine the mixture thoroughly . Chill for an hour , or more if you like . Churn ( 40 minutes ) . Take some photos :D :D :D . YUM !!!!


For somebody who's on diet pfttttt hee hee

Churn , baby , churn !

Reusing my old ice cream container from Nestle .....

The usual suspect .......


  1. Hey Angie , I told myself ,that ice cream can be categorized as healthy because of the yogurt hee hee And I didn't expect it to be really smooth as I didn't use egg yolks :)

  2. The mangoes season is here now in Australia. Your delicious ice cream have inspired me to make mangoes ice cream now for my family. Using yogurt to make ice cream is such a healthy idea.

  3. Zoe , it's kinda refreshing too . A good dessert after a heavy meal :)

  4. Wow no egg yolk and can yield such smooth ice cream? How come mine with egg yolk did not come out like that?

  5. @ Quay Po , really !! huh !:D Read about it somewhere , saying that how come a mere handheld electric beater were so much better in creating/doing a much more smoother ice cream than her/his ice cream maker ^-^" What brand are using ?


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