pasta ala me :D

Been wanting to cook pasta for a long time :P The last time I cook it was last April , and that's wayyyy too long for a pasta junkie like me : (  Actually , before I know how to cook rice I already know how to cook a mean pasta :D And it was a long time ago during our Home Economics class , when my classmate washed the already minced pork to be used for our spaghetti with tomato sauce , you could imagine the look in our teacher's face hee hee Pasta in the Philippines before ( most notably in our household ), usually means spaghetti cooked with tomato sauce , mince pork & some hotdog ( sausages ) or with white sauce ,( popularized by then the late Corazon Aquino during that Christmas aeons ago :D ) she used Nestle cream  , I guess , for her sauce base ( I was young hee hee at the time ) and macaroni for our fruit salad . I don't know why they usually add macaroni to the fruit salad , which I didn't really like :P  But now we have different kind of pasta there , from fettucine , linguine , penne , fusilli , lasagna the list goes on and on . But my 1st love :D would be the spaghetti . This is the only dish , I guess , that I wouldn't need to google to check out the ingredients hahahaha

easy spaghetti with tomato sauce :

I didn't measure some ingredients , after all the result is how you like it

*400 grams spaghetti
*1 can ( 495 grams ) tomato sauce or you can use fresh tomato
*200 grams minced pork
*a pack of bacon  ( I use 200 grams ), fried then sliced , or you can use ham , sausage , cooked /roasted chicken
*some chopped shallots or onions
*some minced garlic
* some ketchup
* some chopped fresh coriander , basil ( I use dried ) , chili flakes , black pepper
* some sugar & salt to taste
* some grated cheese , loads of it , if you luv it :D
*some olive oil

how to :

*Boil pasta according to the manufacturer's instruction ;
*Start by frying onions , then add garlic ;
*When the garlic turns golden brown , add minced pork , stir until cook through & add salt , sugar & pepper ;
* Add tomato sauce & ketchup , stir for a while then add grated cheese & bacon ; adjust taste ;
* Lastly , add coriander , basil & chilli flakes ;
*Serve with grated cheese on top , if desired ;

Here's the one I baked few months ago :P

pasta with salmon in white ( cream ) sauce

Baked !


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