easy peasy mango milkshake

Nothing much to blog except rant about the stifling heat tsk tsk & instead of buying frappe outside ( expensive ^o^' ) I made a milkshake . During summer , when I buy milk , I usually put it in the freezer so that if I have that urge to make something cold and refreshing  ,  all I have to do is to dump 3 or 4 ingredients in the blender and few minutes later you have this wonderful icy concoction to beat the summer heat ..... for a while , anyway hahahaha

All you need :

a cup of frozen milk
a mango or two
a teaspoon of sugar
mango essence ( optional )

Dump it all in the blender for a quick whiz . Enjoy . Slurp :D


  1. I love mangoes in any form! This mango shake of yours looks so refreshing! So perfect for Texas weather!!!

  2. tina , ditto ! but that mango is not as good as our mango back home hee hee but beggars can't be choosers :D


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