I love dim sum , I could eat it for breakfast , lunch , tea time & dinner :D I couldn't get enough of it . Since I'm in Hong Kong , it's everywhere . It's cheap , so most people here eat it almost everyday . Few minutes walk from our flat , there's this dim sum shop called One Dim Sum  , so far ( uh imo :D )  one of the best dim sum shop . Now , making dim sum at home , is so time consuming that you  really don't have to make it ,because it's so cheap to buy , & most of the time you really couldn't replicate it at home what you've eaten at the resto . But there are times that you got all that ingredients or leftover that it's criminal :D throw it all away . One dish that I really enjoyed eating during yum cha , is congee & yes , it's easy to make it at home , heck this recipe , really is more of a Filipino congee , instead of a chinese one . I got this leftover steamed chicken from few days ago & no one wants to eat it anymore , and because it's been raining here for the past few days & a lil' cooler , so why not make congee to ward off the chill ? ( but actually at 10 am this morning it's freakin' 29° C , but haven't stopped me from cooking it heh! )

Arroz Caldo , Filipino Congee

1 cup rice ( I washed it once , drain )
6 to 8 cups water or broth ( begin w/ 6 & add more if the mixture becomes too sticky )
2 cloves garlic , minced
1/2 med onion ( forgot to add this :D ) chopped
1 cup shredded cooked chicken ( optional )
1 stalk scallions , chopped , for garnishing
2 eggs or some quail eggs , if available , boiled & cut
salt , sugar , pepper & some chicken powder to taste

1. Saute garlic until golden brown , then add rice , stir .
2. Add chicken , stir fry for a while then add water .
3. Keep stirring from time time so the mixture won't stick at the bottom of the pan .
4. Cook until rice is done , season to taste .
5. Garnish on top w/ scallions & eggs , serve hot .

Some dim sum pix


  1. oh wow, yum! what an amazing meal! i'm hungry just looking at it, and i just ate! i will definitely have to try that congee.

  2. hey a. maren , & i'm drooling over your cranberry walnut chicken salad hahahaha can make it even w/ out any meat & if you have some quail eggs use it instead of chicken eggs :)


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