chocolate chips cookies

It's summer here in hk , but right now there's a typhoon , that's a good thing , it means rain . So ,when you go outside , you're not sweating buckets :P but it's only June , & I'm counting the days when it's winter again :D . Just a while ago , I baked cookies , er , again hee hee . I borrowed books from tha library , God Bless the library :) , I've been planning to try baking macaroons for a long long time , I got all ingredients but as always settled for an easy foolproof recipes , thus , these cookies & I guess Pierre Herme macaroons recipe would have to wait :P .... Recipe adapted from INDULGE by Claire Clark


  1. Your chocolate chip cookies look a lot more delicious than Mrs. Fields! I'm sure they taste better too!

  2. hahahaha Thanks , Tina ....Not sure if it taste better than Mrs Fields but it's wayyyyyy more cheaper :D


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