Spicy chicken teriyaki rice

I've been decluttering the freezer lately to make way for a batch or two of homemade ice cream . Even though it's been raining on and off recently , the temperature is still rising and a stash of frozen desserts are a must .

So I found 3 pieces of boneless chicken legs under the rubble heh ! and decided to make another go at making teriyaki sauce .

Teriyaki is a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine in which food is grilled and basted with a glaze of mirin , soy sauce and sugar ( Wiki  ) . Nowadays , in some households , the fish or meat is mostly panfried rather than grilled . Panfrying is more convenient as most people don't have a charcoal grill at home .

This dish easy and simple dish to make with only few ingredients . I've tried several online recipes before but I think I found the one that I'll cook over and over again . 

Whenever I have the urge to make chicken teriyaki , I usually paired it with sliced carrots and green beans , as you can see from the photo ,  the same way they served at Yoshinoya lol Taste wise , this homemade one taste way better than what you can have in some resto here . 

Simple meal that you can make in a flash with a big flavour payoff !

Recipe adapted from washoku guide

Serves 1 greedy person 

275 grams boneless ( skin on ) whole chicken legs 
1/2 teaspoon cooking salt 
2 tablespoons cooking sake 
2 tablespoons mirin 
2 tablespoon soy sauce 
1 tablespoon raw sugar 
1 teaspoon chilli flakes 

big bowl of cooked rice 

Toppings : optional 

sliced green beans 
slicd carrots
roasted sesame seeds
roasted nori 
soft-boiled egg(s)

* Rinse and pat dry chicken thoroughly . Season with salt , if using frozen chicken , let sit for at least 30 minutes before using . 

* Boil sliced green beans and carrots for 3 minutes , drain and rinse until cool , drain again . 

* Combine together sake , mirin , soy sauce , sugar and chilli flakes , set aside . 

* In a nonstick pan , over medium heat , add 1/2 teaspoon oil . When oil is hot , add chicken , skin side down first , fry for 6 minutes on each sides , depending on the thickness of the meat , or until golden brown . Wipe off any oil / liquid that comes out while frying . 

* Add in the teriyaki sauce , let boil , cover the pan and simmer over low heat . Cook for 2 minutes , flipping the chicken after , then cook for another 2 minutes . After the last minute of cooking , add in the veggies and stir until heat through . Transfer chicken and vegetables on the plate . Turn heat to high and let teriyaki sauce thicken further , about few seconds . 

* Slice chicken and place into a bowl with rice , add in the sliced veggies , spoon over some teriyaki sauce . Garnish with sliced egg , sesame seeds and sliced nori . Enjoy ! 


  1. Very very appetizing! Teriyaki sauce is amazing, isn't it?

  2. I need to make place for my ice cream machine also!
    Lovely food!

  3. Yes, it sure looks like you found a winner! Beautiful teriyaki chicken, Anne!!

  4. Hi Anne, love your this spicy chicken teriyaki rice, look so scrumptious. I think I need 2 bowls, hard to resist. :)) The chicken look so tender and moist.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  5. Looks like I just need mirin and I’m good to go!This looks great and I love the spiciness! Thanks for posting it


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