Matcha and chocolate snowskin mooncake with mung bean filling and some with homemade ( almost ) Cherry Garcia ice cream

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important event in Chinese traditional holidays . This festival was a time to enjoy the succesful harvest with food offerings in honor of the moon (Wiki )

Today , it is more of a family gathering or reunion , kids carrying brightly-lit lanterns at night and making or buying and giving mooncakes .

Traditional mooncake is made from Chinese pastry crust with rich filling either from red bean paste or lotus seeds and may contain yolk(s) from salted ducks egg(s) and baked . Though this kind of mooncake is still popular here in Hongkong , some people prefer the snowskin mooncake which was popularized  by Taipan bakery .

Snowskin mooncake is made from glutinous rice , flour , sugar , milk and oil and the filling is usually mungbean paste and must be stored in the freezer  . Some version have fruits , chocolate , cream cheese or any fillings under the sun  that pastry chefs can think of .

Making snowskin mooncake is pretty easy just like making a mochi but much prettier . Different kinds of plastic moulds are used to create different patterns . In these mini version  , I used a 50 grams mould and filled some pieces with both mung bean and ice cream and made a sort of matcha mochi ice cream mooncake  . The filling is wrapped inside the cooked snowskin dough , dusted with some cooked glutinous rice flour to prevent sticking then pressed into the desired mould . This kind of mooncake should be kept frozen .

I had a hard time with ice cream filling though , it should be soft enough  but not melting when you wrap the snow skin over it . By the time I wrapped it , there was a tear here and there and the ice cream started to leak out . You have to patient when making this which sadly ,  I was short of it that day lol If you want to try your hand in filling the snowkin with ice cream , try it half skin and half filling . Flavor-wise , you can barely tastes the matcha and chocolate flavor though , I think it was muted by the amount of coconut milk . And for the mungbean filling , it's way better than the one I made last time !

Recipe adapted from Homemade Delightful Fruit Desserts by Charles Ho

Snowskin :

110 grams coconut milk
70 grams fresh milk
35 grams caster sugar
10 grams vegetable oil
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
25 grams rice flour
20 grams wheat starch
20 grams glutinous rice flour
10 grams cake flour

40 grams cooked/fried sweet glutinous rice flour for coating

* Sift together rice flour , wheat starch , glutinous rice flour , and cake flour , set aside .

* Bring coconut milk , milk , sugar , oil and vanilla to the boil , reduce to low heat . Add in the sifted dry ingredients , stir until dry ( about 4 minutes ) . Transfer to a bowl , let cool and chill in the fridge to loosen texture . You can make this a day ahead . I made 13 ( 20 grams each ) mini mooncake from this using 50 grams mold .

If you want to use ***cocoa powder , add 5 grams and reduce glutinous rice flour to 13 grams .  ***If using matcha or coffee powder , 3 grams , no need to reduce the flour .

Mungbean / green been paste :

80 grams skinned mungbean
35 grams coconut milk
15 grams butter
15 grams caster sugar
85 grams condensed milk
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
20 grams custard powder
8 grams wheat starch
8 grams milk powder

100 grams mango , diced and frozen , for filling ( omitted this )
ice cream , optional

*  Soak green beans in water for 20 minutes . Drain and rinse . Place in a saucepan and add enough water to cover the beans ( I used 1 1/2 cups ) , let boil and cook over low heat for about 20 minutes or until soft and mushy , drain ( not much water left to drain , in my case ) . Add in coconut milk and blend into a paste . You can use a fine sieve , use a spoon or a spatula to push the mixture through it or to make your life easier , use a food blender /food processor/ immersion blender .

* Heat butter in a pan or a small saucepan , add in the green bean paste and the remaining ingredients . Mix well and stir until dry ( I cooked the mixture over medium heat for about 6 minutes ) . Let cool and wrap with a cling film , chill in the fridge before using . You can make this ahead .

* Divide snowskin and filling and roll into a small balls . If you have have a 75 grams mould , 30 grams snowskin and 45 grams filling . Or if you have 50 grams mould , 20 grams snowskin , 30 grams filling .

* Flatten one snowskin dough thinly and place filling into the center and roll into a ball , coat with fried glutinous rice , brushing excess flour before pressing into the mould .

* Place on baking sheet lined with parchment paper and continue with the rest . Put in the freezer several hours before consuming . Let mooncake stand at room temperature for about 5 minutes before eating . The snowskin mooncake ice cream must be eaten straight from the freezer .


  1. Hi bare cupboard, you mentioned that: "I made 13 ( 20 grams each ) mini mooncake from this using 50 grams mold". I am thinking of buying the plunger mold soon from Taobao (saw Ann Low's of Anncoo Journal bought from Taobao) but saw most mold sold on line are of 50g capacity onward. Are u able to advise me the 50g mold can also be used to make mini moonies? I thought for mini, I have to get the 30g mold instead but hardly see any it available.

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Hi Pris , the 50 grams mould I think is the smallest mooncake mould and that's the one I used in these mini mooncakes . So to make one mini , 20 grams snowskin dough and 30 grams filling :)

    2. Oh , my final snowskin weigh 264 grams so the 13 pieces at 20 grams I refered to , is the number of snowskin dough only .

    3. Thank you Ann Regalado for your replies. Wishing you A BLESSED MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL.

      Priscilla Poh

  2. This sounds as gooooood ! Wish I can have a bite too. Can't we just leave nearer ! We'll be in BIG trouble then.LOL haha.....
    Wishing you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Enjoy & have fun. Happy weekend.
    Blessings, Kristy

  3. They are so beautiful and festive, Anne. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  4. Ice cream?! No way! Can't believe I have not tried this. This has got to be the 'coolest' mooncake. Hehe.

  5. Merhabalar, hepsi çok leziz ve iştah açıcı görünüyor. Ellerinize sağlık.


  6. Ice cream filing is not easy to handle but you managed..bravo..the moon cakes look cute.

  7. Hi Anne,

    Happy belated mid Autumn!!! So sorry that I visited your post so late.

    Oh! I love to try making ice cream mooncakes too. Yours look awesome! I wonder if mid-autumn next year will be as cold as we had this year... Now our weather has dramatically warm up to its 30 degree!!!



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