One-step no-churn matcha ice cream

Finally , my first homemade ice cream this year and I picked the easiest recipe - just 3 ingredients and no ice cream machine needed ! A spin from Nigella's fool-proof no-churn coffee icream that I made eons ago , this ice cream is rich , creamy and bursting with intense flavor of matcha in every bite , you wouldn't believe  it's homemade ! Okay , maybe I'm exaggerating  a bit lol

I'm into matcha these days , I think it started when I saw those matcha Oreos .....

To make this easy peasy ice cream , all you need is a handheld electric mixer and beat the 3 ingredients together . You can use a stand mixer and of course , a large balloon wire whisk , just make sure to chill everything , including the bowl and the whisk , especially if the weather is hot . You could use less matcha powder or less condensed milk , if prefer .

Simple and refreshingly delicious dessert that will surely please kids and adults alike !

Recipe adapted from Nigella Lawson

Makes about 3 cups / 750 ml

300 ml cold double cream
150 grams chilled condensed milk
3 tablespoon good-quality matcha / green tea powder

* Pour cream and condensed milk into a mixing bowl , sift in the matcha powder . Beat until soft peaks form or until light and fluffy , about 6 to 8 minutes . Transfer into an airtight container , place a plastic wrap on top of the mixture before putting on the lid , put in the freezer overnight .

* Serve straight from the freezer . 

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  1. Anne, it is a timely recipe for our hot weather. Simple and easy recipe, thank you.

  2. Oh my Gosh, didn't know that making ice cream could be this easy. Thank you, thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  3. Hi Anne,
    Your photos are so beautiful! I really like how you presented the ice cream with waffer biscuits. Thanks for sharing this cooling dessert to BREE!

  4. I hope to finally try no-churn ice cream this summer! Yours is gorgeous---and I bet it tastes as lovely as it looks :)

  5. Hi Anne,
    Your ice cream is calling out to me! It is so freaking hot over here, that a tub of your yummy ice cream would be welcome indeed!

  6. I love ice cream with matcha flavour. Definitely want to whip this up for sure. Thanks for sharing, Anne :)

  7. I really like how you presented the ice cream with waffer biscuits. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. No way, no churn matcha ice cream?! I really gotta make this!

  9. Who can resist this yummy cooling ice-cream?
    Thanks for sharing with BREE :)

  10. My machine has been busy for 2 months now:) And still craving for new ice creams inspirations:)

  11. Hi Anne,

    This no-churn ice cream looks very smooth and yummy... I always know that condensed milk is the magic ingredient. This recipe is amazing!


  12. nvr tried condensed milk in making ice cream...this looks creamy and ya, i love matcha too!

  13. Hi Anne, your ice cream look awesome. I'm currently eating ice cream too while reading your blog. :))
    Thank for sharing. Nice click.

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards.


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