Little Thumbs Up January 2015 : Pasta / Noodles

Happy New Year , all ! Hope this year will be good to us !!!!



Little Thumbs Up is a cooking and baking monthly bloghop event started by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids  and Doreen of My Little Favourite DIY . I'll be hosting this month's event and the theme is pasta / noodles .

Pasta is a noodle basically made from semolina or durum wheat flour ( some used all-purpose flour  or other grains ) and water or egg . These ingredients are kneaded , either by machine or by hand , to form a dough , the dough is then rolled then cut into variety of shapes and sizes . Pasta comes in dried or fresh form . It is often served with different kind of sauces .

Asian Noodles are made the same way as pasta but with different ingredients . Some are made with rice flour , wheat flour , buckwheat flour , mung beans , potato starch , to name a few . Noodles are typically served with hot or cold broth but some can be used for stir-fry dishes .

Growing up , I only knew spaghetti as spaghetti and macaroni as macaroni and never refer to them as pasta  . Bihon or rice noodles is the only noodles that I knew . We only served spaghetti with meat sauce , tomato sauce with ground pork or beef and we used macaroni for salad . Before , whenever spaghetti or macaroni is mentioned , I associated it with Italy and noodles well , China , of course lol

Here are some common types of pasta :

Squid ink spaghetti
Capellini or angel hair pasta
Farfalle or bow ties
Orecchiette , it resembles a small ear 
Conchiglie or shells / seashells pasta  
Fusilli or corkscrew-shaped pasta 

Check out more @ Wiki

Asian noodles :

Rice sticks/noodles or mee hon / bee hon 
Thick rice noodles or ho fun 
Vermicelli / Cellophane noodles or fun see / fan si
Dangmyeon or Korean cellophane/glass  noodles 

Check out this article re Asian noodles at Serious Eats

Below are some pasta and noodles that I have on hand .

This event will start on January 6th , Tuesday . So please join us , simply cook/bake any recipe with the theme of the month , which is pasta/noodles and link with us at this post .

1 . All pasta / noodle dish submission must be a current post , from January 1st until the end of the month .

2 . Please mention Little Thumbs Up in your post and link back to Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids , Doreen of My Little Favourite DIY and yours truly , Anne / My Bare Cupboard .

3 . Posting the event's badge , get it here  , on your post will be nice as well .

Do check out the delicious and drool-worthy submission below , just follow the link ! 


  1. Pasta is always good. Happy New Year, Anne!

  2. Hi Anne, Happy New Year to you. Wish you all the best in 2015. Happy hosting, I love Asian noodle too.

    Best regards

  3. Anne,
    Happy New Year to you!
    All the best in 2015!

  4. Hi Anne, have linked my first post! I also use Barilla pasta at home :)

  5. Hi Anne, it's my first time visiting your blog, nice to know you. I have just linked up my blog recipe here. Thanks for hosting this month's LTU event.


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