Thai-style chicken sliders / Homemade burger rolls with Tangzhong starter

So I tried another bread recipe from the Bread Doctor book . Initially , I was thinking of adding some whole wheat flour but after watching French kneading technique on You Tube , I decided to give it a go .

After 5 minutes of of kneading a very sticky dough , I was , darn , I should have left my flour container open and put it beside me lol 

Since I'm not fond of adding extra flour whenever I bake bread , I usually put back the flour container out of my reach ..... least I'll be tempted to use it .

If you're a regular lurker of this site , you'll see that almost all of my bread except my first pullman bread were made with some whole wheat flour . Kneading is so much better especially with sticky dough  , if you substitute some of the bread flour with whole wheat . It absorbs more water , thus making the dough easier to knead . Besides , I love the texture and taste when bread is made of bread and whole wheat flour combo .

Well , as you can see , the bread turns out great , the crumbs look good , so soft ! I never thought that I could knead a very sticky dough without spouting some French words , the gorgeous weather that day , certainly helps hee hee 

This is the second time that I made these Thai-style chicken patties . The recipe is from Bill Granger , though the original name is lemongrass and lime chicken burger but the name's a mouthful .

I added some lime juice to chicken mixture since there's not enough tanginess for my taste if using only the zest .

The patties are also good as an appetizer , just shape it into small balls and pan-fry them . Of course , eating it with steamed rice is a no-brainer  ^___^ 

For the burger buns / rolls :

Makes 9 ( 60 grams dough ) I made 9 ( 40 grams dough / about 3-inch each ) and 3 ( 60 grams dough ) 

Recipe adapted from 65° Bread doctor ( Translation by Yanyan ) 

210 grams bread flour
56 grams cake flour
20 grams milk powder
42 grams caster sugar
1/2 tsp salt
6 grams yeast
30 grams egg
85 grams water
84 gramsTangzhong ( cooked water-roux mixture )
22 grams butter , melted

* In a large mixing bowl , combine the 2 flour , milk powder , sugar , salt and yeast , stir well to combine . Make a well in the center of the flour mixture and add in the egg , water , Tangzhong and the melted butter , use a wooden spoon to combine all ingredients to form a shaggy dough . Tip in dough to a clean surface , and knead for at least 15 minutes or until the dough is smooth and elastic . The dough will be very sticky but try not to add any extra flour , just throw it back and forth /or stretch and fold , after 10 minutes the dough will still be very sticky . After 15 minutes , it will come together , still tacky but so much easier to handle and by that time , your dough is ready for proofing .

* Put dough into a lightly-greased mixing bowl , cover with plastic wrap and proof until double in size , at least an hour , depending on the warmth of your kitchen .

* Divide dough into several pieces ( according to your preference ) and let rest for 10 minutes .

* Shape dough into rounds , spray or brush the top with water and dip or sprinkle with sesame seeds ; put into a lightly-greased baking sheets . Cover and let proof until double in size .

* Meanwhile , preheat oven at 180°C .

* Bake rolls for 15 minutes .

Please check original recipe at GoodFood channel

140 grams shallots , finely chopped
10 grams garlic , finely minced
5 grams lemongrass ( white part only ) , finely chopped
400 grams chicken , minced
30 grams breadcrumbs
10 grams coriander stems and leaves , coarsely chopped
zest of 1 lime
2 tablespoons fish sauce
1 tablespoon raw sugar
1 egg
1 tablespoon chili sauce
1 teaspoon lime juice

* Combine all ingredients together and mix well to combine . Shape into patties ( size according to preference ) and chill for at least 30 minutes .

* Pan-fry patties on both sides until done .

To serve : 

burger buns
mayo and Thai chili sauce , mix together
some greens

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  1. Great job!! Love both the buns and the patties. I hated kneading bread dough but recently got my hands sticky with the Sticky Buns at THB! Got all the ingredients except the lemongrass for the patties, might just follow you!

  2. Hi Anne,

    Is it cold at Hong Kong now? Nice to know the weather has been kind to you with laborious dough kneading. Weather here has been freaky... We are having a nice day today but the day before is like winter!!!

    I laughed when you said that eating these patties with rice with a no-brainer thingee... LOL!!! Eating them as finger food sounds yummy!


  3. I don't know which recipe I like the best the buns or the patties, but all together they look great. I have to try this for sure.

  4. the buns look wonderful and i understand how tough it can be to knead a sticky dough..that is why most of the time i use my mixer to do the work..:D

  5. what a beautifull taizong starter bun, i can imagine the smooth and soft texture...
    But i guess the hard kneading and sticking dought just paid off!
    lovin your spiced up patties too!

  6. Hi Anne,
    Wow, your burger looks "gorgeously delicious"!! I can see the softness of the buns and I could eat it,spread with lots of cold salted butter, with a cup of hot cappucino!
    I have actually bookmarked the patties to make for next month, now I think I got to make that sooner!
    Thanks for sharing with CYB!

  7. Your buns look great and so do those patties!

  8. Sometimes a girl just need a tender fluffy roll with a juicy slider. I sure would like to have just a teeny bite right now, Anne! And, it's only breakfast time, lol...Your rolls look heavenly!!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  9. Love the buns and patties! These sliders will be gone in seconds in my household!

  10. your burger buns look soft and so good to enjoy with the Thai chicken sliders..

  11. Gorgeous buns, they look so soft. Love your chicken sliders too :)

  12. Recently I did a bread baking class, it was fun, but so much of hard work! But still enjoying the breads I baked that day! So understand what you say about adding extra flour. Our instructor went mad telling us to go slow on the extra flour. The burger is so beautifully put together, love the flavours in there! :-)

  13. Hi Anne, I sure love your burger. Bun look fluffy and the patties look extremely good.Guess eating the patties itself hard to stop eating. hahaha...


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