Red Thai meatball curry

It's one of those days again .

Staring at the blank screen , thinking what to write  -___-

It is always easy to take loads of photos than actually writing a blog post *sigh*

Take 2 !

So , I went to Ikea last week to check whether the store has some wood planks on bargain .

Okay , actually , that was my excuse , I went there to eat some meatballs lol 

But when I arrived there , the queue was mile long and every table was full of hungry hoard !

The way those people were ingesting loads of meatballs , you would have think that the Zombie Apocalypse is coming hee hee 

I bet some of you haven't tried using meatballs when cooking curry .

For me , meatballs and pasta is a match made in heaven . Or sandwich between crusty bread or on its own and with ice -cold Coke , you're good to go .

This meatball curry - with the delicious flavor and aroma from red Thai curry paste , coconut milk , basil and lime ....

Just imagine all those flavor blending in together , the gravy alone made me swoon lol 

If you're wondering that I used that much curry paste , don't worry , the Pantai red curry paste was not that spicy , just enough to make your taste buds zing er sing .

Will add more veggies next time .

Please check original recipe @  BBC GoodFood

Serves 2

For the meatballs : 

150 grams ground lean beef
100 grams ground pork
generous 1 tablespoon chopped cilantro leaves
1 tsp chili sauce
1 tsp finely chopped ginger
30 grams or half of an egg
salt and pepper to taste

* In a small mixing bowl , combine together all ingredients ,  mix until well incorporated , adjust taste . Shape into small balls ( 20 grams each ) and chill for at least 30 minutes or overnight . Makes 14 meatballs

For the curry :

generous 2 tablespoons , about 50 grams red Thai curry paste ( I used Pantai brand )
200 ml coconut milk
100 ml water
75 grams green beans , sliced
50 grams baby corn , sliced
juice of half a lime
about 10 grams Thai basil leaves plus extra for garnish
1/2 tsp fish sauce
1 red chili . sliced for garnish

* In a large nonstick pan , over medium heat , add some oil and fry meatballs until evenly browned , transfer to a plate . Pour off excess oil from the pan . Add in the curry paste , stir fry for few seconds ( the paste will splatter madly ) , pour in the coconut milk and water , let boil and cook until you have a smooth sauce . Add in the meatballs and the green beans , cook for 3 minutes before adding the baby corn ; cook for another 3 minutes . Season with lime juice , fish sauce and tear in the basil leaves , stir well to combine , cook for a minute and adjust taste . Dish up and garnish with some basil leaves and sliced chili . Serve with rice or noodles


  1. Hi Anne,
    Wow, that is one delicious looking meatball curry! Let me know the next time you make this again, I'll be right over! :)

  2. Hi Anne, I have come to sample some of your meatballs curry! Looks so delicious! I usually use just pork meat to make the meatballs....taste just as good! I have to repost all the photos that disappeared, sad to say sigh!

    1. Jeannie , ouch ! Just like mine last time for sure *sigh* I haven't even posted all my photos yet :P

  3. Anne, your homemade meatballs definitely look far superior than IKEA's horse-meatballs:) but once in a while it's also nice to just Q and buy, as we all have lazy days...right?

  4. Meatballs curry.... what a great idea. Your curry looks so vibrant, bet must be darn good!

  5. tiyay, is that an iron skillet? looks nicey! how do you maintain?

    1. Tin , I should use it more often :D I clean it like this

  6. Your bet is right on Anne, have never tried cooking meatballs in curry but it sure looks delicious! Nice pairing, reminds me of Pioneer's Woman's meatballs that i tried (so, is the meatball recipe that you were reminded of when you saw my post?), next time i will make them swim in a curry like yours :) Yummy!

    1. Ade , I've forgotten about your gorgeous meatballs when I saw this recipe *sigh* lol

  7. The color of this curry is GORGEOUS!!! I would love some of this on one of these cold nights :)

  8. Anne, your pictures are getting better and better and your meat ball curry making me drool. After thai green curry I made the red one but it didn't come out as nice as yours. I see that you have also added fish sauce instead of shrimp paste.

  9. I agree, meatballs in curry taste absolutely delicious too. I love everything in this post.

  10. wow, outstanding photos of the curry and they are made to make people hungry!!

  11. What a gorgeous dish, my friend! I love, love meatballs!

  12. Except to replace the pork and beef, I am loving all the flavors in this curry. Its oozing with an attractive color and yes, I just love it because we are big on Thai dishes.

  13. Oh wow what a gorgeous dish! Now you make me feel like curry.

  14. Hahahaha.... How very very true.... Thinking what to write.... We do have a writers block from time to time don't we? U hv a lovely curry dish there. I think my hubby is gonna love this.... Tks for the recipe

  15. Oh, this curry sound absolutely delicious, and love the idea of using meatball, my little son sure will like this meatball since they don't like to chew the chicken bones like their mom, hahaha..

  16. Meatball Curry sounds like a great idea Anne. We don't have an Ikea that is close around here but when I visit my daughter in Idaho, she has a whole freezer full of Ikea meatballs. My grandkids love them!

    I'm really excited about the thought of Meatball Curry. I blame that on your delicious looking pictures and this recipe!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  17. While reading about your IKEA outing I thought you used the IKEA ones to make your curry, but no like a good food bloggers you made the meat balls from scratch, good girl you :-) I have the exact opposite problem, I can write gibberish easily, have problems with the photos :-(

  18. This is look so delicious! Although I haven't tried meatball with curry sauce. I bet its good. The color combination makes me droll. Share some!:)

  19. Wow Anne!

    My computer screen is exploding with bright beautiful colours displaying crystal-sharp pictures of your Thai meatball curry. Very nice photo!


  20. Yoooo! Anne,
    Thai meatball curry...anymore left?


  21. Hi Anne, your meatballs curry look extremely good. I need extra rice too to go with this delicious curry. Excellent!

    Best regards.


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