Taiwanese pineapple shortcakes ( pastry )

So , how do you like my pineapple shortcakes ?

Pretty shapes , don't you think ?

I couldn't help but grin when I finished baking these ....

Never thought that it would look a bit like the ones being sold here ....

Though shops here don't sell flower-shaped or heart-shaped pineapple cakes hee hee

Now , don't mind the patchy spot on that square one , actually that's the bottom part ^___^ ''

The Taiwanese pineapple cake version don't use egg wash . I want to see how it would turn out so I uses some and planned to brush half of the top only but got carried away :P The bottom part though patchy is what I like most .

That said , the recipe that I used is really spot on , er according to my taste buds , except on that tiny or maybe I should say big problem ...

Good thing that the computer is on while I was mixing the dough ....

I immediately lurked at Zoe's blog to check her pineapple cakes comparison chart to see why my dough is still dry after rubbing together all ingredients .....

Maybe the publisher had overlooked one ingredient ? I've never encountered pastry without any liquid yet heh ! So , based from Zoe's , I added 13 grams of egg yolks to the mixture and yup ! hello , soft dough  lol

The dough is very easy to handle or maybe because the temperature was 17°C when I made it ....

I've eaten pineapple cakes that are made in Taiwan before and the local bakery here ,  Kee Wah sells pineapple cakes ( HK $ 6.50 each ) all-year round so I usually buy one or two whenever I feel like eating it ....

I love the rich , buttery and crumbly texture . It smells like the one from Kee Wah .....

It's homemade , cheap , simple , really easy and fast to make ( the dough not the filling ) and most of all tastes fantastic !

But don't take my word for it , you gonna bake it yourself to find out ....

Zoe , you really need to try this recipe ! ^__^

Recipe clipping from one of the free dailies here

190 grams ready-made or ***homemade pineapple filling
125 grams cake flour
30 grams icing sugar
2 tablespoons milk powder
15 grams custard powder
90 grams frozen salted butter , cut into small pieces

* Preheat oven at 200° ( I baked mine at 180°C all the way through )

* Divide pineapple filling into eight portions ans shape into balls ; set aside .

* Sift the cake flour , icing sugar , milk powder and custard powder into a medium bowl .

* Add butter into the flour mixture and rub with fingertips until mixture resembles bread crumbs , tip it in into a clean surface and knead to form a soft dough . Divide into 8 pieces .

* Fill each dough with the pineapple filling , shape into a ball , make sure that the filling is well-wrapped . Put into a pineapple pastry mould ; press with palm from top , turn it over and press the other side . Put on the baking sheet with parchment paper .

* Bake in a preheated over at 180°C ( don't know if  temperature needs turning down ) for about 25 minutes or until golden brown . Flip once during baking . Set in a wire rack to cool before unmolding .

***For the pineapple filling , recipe idea stolen from Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover and from Doreen of My Little Favourite DIY

830 grams ( peeled weight ) pineapple , sliced
150 grams sugar

* Pureé pineapple slices in the food processor until smooth . Pour into a wok or a large pan and cook over medium low heat , stirring from time to time , the mixture will splatter so better watch yourself . Add sugar when mixture is a little bit dry and continue to cook for about an hour or until thick . Transfer to a heatproof container to cool before using .

I've used cookie moulds in this recipe , the square one measures 4 by 2 cm and both flower and heart shape , a bit smaller .

The weight of dough is 295 grams , I divided it into 10 portion ; the filling , some are 20 grams and some are about 18 grams .

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  1. Wow Anne! I really have to congratulate you! You are right to say that your pineapple shortcakes look exactly like those sold in the shop! You can start selling them now!

    Congratulations again! Really nice!

  2. So pretty and look delicious! I've never tried to make Taiwanese pineapple shortcakes yet but eaten a lot when I was in Taiwan. Will get the moulds first before making them. Thanks for sharing, Anne :)

  3. Anne, I really really REALLY like the look of these pastry....I will definitely do a 'copy cat'...might not come out as good as yours as I dont have pineapple but plan to replace it with available fruit. Your pineapple shortcakes looks so delicious...!!! Can I come and stay with you? pleaseeeee

    1. Annie , come on over ! You know how to wash the dishes , right ? :D I swear , I'll feed you lol

  4. These are absolutely beautiful - clever you fixing the problem with the dough! - REALLY pretty and I love the idea of pineapple filing :))
    Mary x

  5. they also have that here, tiyay but open faced. pineapple tarts lang. i've been wanting to buy from the grocery but uber mahal! it's like 8sgd. over!

    1. $ 8. ? Over gid , tin ! Ka cheap gid lang sang ingredients bla :D

  6. Hi! I find these cookies very cute and different from those we have here...will try this next year:D

  7. These sound incredibly delicious, Anne! Love the thick dose of filling...just marvelous! Yup, I think Zoe needs to try these :)

  8. Hi Ann, very nicely done Taiwanese pineapple tarts. I actually enjoy these more than the normal ones... not sure why, perhaps its the shape!

  9. Hi Anne,

    Obviously, I must have been displaying my obsession with my pineapple tarts very clearly... Opsie! I see what you mean describing this fantastic recipe. I have never bake pineapple tarts with no added eggs before and this looks like a must-try recipe. I would imagine the texture of these tarts must be very shortbread-like and really melt-into-your mouth... *drooling*

    Btw, Little Thumbs Up starts on every first Tuesday of every month and ends after two weeks. If you wish to link this post to the event, I'm happy to open up the link now and fix this problem for you. Cheers!

    I had decided to make the duration two weeks instead of 1 month is because I didn't want the host to suffer from "exhaustion" cooking the same ingredient for the whole month... I reckon 2 weeks is good enough :p


    1. Zoe , thanks to your obsession , I didn't have to search far and wide for the answer to my no liquid pastry dough recipe lol

  10. Hi Anne,

    I have added your link!


  11. these are very intriguing! and they look so pretty...do you think i could cheat and use jam for the filling, or would that be too liquid-y?

  12. So glad I found your blog over on google+. These shortcakes look delicious. I have now subscribed so that I don't miss your next delicious recipe.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. WOW! These pineapple shortbread looks gorgeous with lots of pineapple filling just the way I like it . I've never make shortbread before & these looks really good! My bossy hub does not really like those usual M'sian pineapple tarts with crumbly pastry. So I would like to try this recipe but I'm sure I will definitely like these lovely shape tarts for sure. ;)

  15. Anne, I would love to try this. I am sure this is a new experience from the traditional pineapple tarts. Looks great.

  16. i'm chuckling when i read that you say ' easy to make' ( not the filling) LOL!! i've tasted once the taiwanese pineapple tarts many many years ago and frankly, cant remember how exactly it was like. but i can say that your pineapple tarts are cute and they look good!

  17. Anne, you are right, these indeed look like those sold in the shops. I've eaten some made by a visiting Taiwanese chef before and these look just as fabulous!

  18. these sound delicious. the cake part looks like a perfect dough. would love to try them!

  19. These are the cutest things I have seen today! Well done my friend. I have never baked anything pineapple-y, but this is making me want to!!

  20. Hi Anne,
    I love any form of pineapple tarts, and these certainly makes me very curious. I would love to give this a try one day! Meanwhile, can you pass some over? :)

  21. They really look beautiful. I like the idea of stuffing it with homemade pineapple filling.

  22. Anne,
    I never try making Taiwanese pineapple tarts before.
    Must bookmark this :) these really looks like the ones sell in stores. Lovely shapes too.

    Thanks so much for linking your post to LTU event and your shout out :)
    Have a lovely week ahead !

    the shout out

  23. Anne, these look really good and tempting! I came across this post as I was searching for pineapple shortcake recipes. I'm going to try them! Wish me luck!


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