Double Chocolate Malt(esers) Ice Cream

Ice cream , anyone ?! Again ?

Oh well ....

I've been complaining while I was taking some photos of these .

I just finished scooping some of it and then in just a minute it's already melting .

SUMMER pfffftttttt !

Not planning to make this actually because I just finished licking the ice cream container few days ago and I just have had enough of chocolate ice cream . Or so I thought pffftttt lol

Been looking for some regular malted milk but so far nada .

I want some nice creamy chocolate milk malted  ice cream that I've seen in one of the book that I just borrowed .

But as I'm always saying to myself , just use what you've got .

So instead of having a light-colored chocolate ice cream , I have another dark and dreamy ice cream with Maltesers pieces that I can't help adding ^-^''

And while you're drooling , will go out and look for that elusive regular malted milk hee hee

I halve the recipe and made some modification in red

Creamy Milk Chocolate Malt Ice cream , recipe adapted from ice cream mix-in by Jeff Keys

2 cups whipping cream
2 cups whole milk ( 1 1/4 cups ) 
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
3/4 cup Carnation malted milk ( I used a generous 1/2 cup Ovaltine chocolate malted milk ) 
pinch of kosher salt
12 ounces milk chocolate , cut into pieces ( 170 grams bittersweet chocolate chips ) 
8 fresh egg yolks
80 grams Maltesers , chopped and added after the last 5 minutes of churning plus extra for decoration

*Pour the cream and milk into a medium-size stainless steel bowl and place over a steaming pan of boiling water . When the mixture gets hot , a film will form over the surface.
* Add sugar , vanilla , malted milk and salt . Blend thoroughly with a wire whip and then add chocolate . Stir the mixture gently while chocolate melts . With a wire whip , stir the egg yolks until they are thoroughly incorporated . Remove from the heat and let the mix cool to room temperature , then chill completely in the fridge .
* Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer's instructions . Transfer the mixture into ice cream container and let harden in the freezer fro about 4 hours or overnight .


  1. The weather is not hot here but your ice cream posts is making me grab one of the cone.

  2. ha! i never thought of that problem with photographing ice cream...i will have to be careful when i finally break out my machine! the weather is finally getting hot enough, too. mmmm these look fantastic!

  3. it's rather cold these days, but ice cream is even better during cold days :D

    Latest: Runway Model is Cooking!

  4. Hi Anne, I want 2 scoops, please. Your double choco look delicious. Great mind think alike, I'm churning ice cream in my freezer too, most probable will post tonight, hehehe

    Have a nice day.

  5. This looks gorgeous! So deliciously good!

  6. yum yum. you're officially the ice cream monster!

  7. each time when I see ice creams on others blogs, I am thinking more and more about making them myslef:)

    życie & podróże

  8. ah ice cold malted chocolate ice sure would be able to chase the blues away as well as some of this heat. I sure wish I had some of this at my house-yum! Delicious post!

  9. Oh gosh! I really need this delicious ice-cream now! Not just coz the weather it's getting warmer here but who can resist these ice-cream! I really love the addition of Malteser pieces in these ice-cream. Extra flavor-able! YUM! *^

  10. Wow, they really are already melting! I am jealous of your hot weather. It's still raining and cold here. But will save these ice cream recipes until then ;)

  11. wow...seriously drooling here!!!double choco ice cream !!!!can u plz...pass me a scoop of it ????

  12. this ice cream looks perfect. perfect for this summer

  13. This is such a fantastic recipe! Thanks for sharing it on our blog hop! :)

  14. Yum, looks great love malt flavor in my ice cream, sending you icecreamlove!!

  15. It looks extra creamy!

    Sending you some #icecreamlove ;-)

  16. Oh my goodness,you had me at "chocolate"! I love maltesers and they're a delish idea ! Thanks for sharing some ice cream love!

  17. This sounds terrific. I have many recipes for ice cream, but I don't have one that uses malt. This will make a wonderful addition to my collection. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  18. Hot or cold, just give me those ice cream:D

  19. Oh my! Sinful! Can't wait to try this! Love ice cream, obsessed with maltesers! Great post and pics! :)

    Just followed you on Google Friend Connect. Hope I get a follow back. Thank you! :)

  20. Oh goodness I love malted milk balls. When I was pregnant with my daughter almost 23 years ago I ate them daily. I'm convinced she loves them because she had them daily while growing in my belly.

    I will definitely try this and with luck my family won't try to convince me to go fat free with this.

  21. Anything better than chocolate and malt?? Congrats on getting your ice cream not to melt in the cone before taking the photos! I had troubles with that!! #Icecreamlove to you!

  22. Oh I won't ever get tired of ice cream! It's something I really love regardless of the weather!

  23. You know me and ice cream, I am in love with this one. So rich and just begging to be eaten. Love, love, love.

  24. I wish for warmer weather at Melbourne now... These very chocolaty ice cream looks so delicious. All we need now is warmer weather to eat these...

  25. aargh..i wish it was my bite at the last photo of your ice cream!

  26. This is definitely something to die for! Oh this is killing me!


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