late birthday post & banana refrigerator cake w/ white choco frosting

I got so many foodie pix but too lazy to blog :P Anyway , it's my nth :D birthday this month & I guess menopause is not far behind hahahaha . So , instead of buying my birthday cake , I decided to bake Rose Levy Beranbaum Banana Refrigerator Cake w/ dreamy creamy white choco frosting ( a mouthfull heh! ;) ) . I've been looking ( or not been looking enough , I guess ^-^" ) for a frosting the doesn't have copious amount of icing sugar  , & so happy when I borrowed this book at the library & found the recipe esp that it has a white choco in it :D , the frosting didn't have any sugar at all & as long as you use good quality white chocolate , the result will be good . really good hahahaha . I couldn't find a link of this recipe online but will update this blog later to write the recipe ( I'm too sleepy to zzzzzzzzzzzzz :D ) ........


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