Mini Nutella cheeseecakes

The no-bake treats continue .....

I can't remember when did I first try Nutella .

I bet most of you have already tried eating it ,  unknowlingly !

Heck , I didn't even know that the gooey chocolate paste part of Ferrero Rocher was Nutella and made by the same company until last year pfffftttt !

Since I always forget to buy Nutella until few months ago , that was the first time that I've tried it straight from the bottle !

How pathetic is that ?!

I've first seen this recipe from Mich and couldn't contain my delight lol

I don't have hazelnuts but somebody here got loads of Rocher so I used some of those instead .

I've made half of the recipe and actually divided the crust to about 2 dozen small tins and small muffin liners but the mixture was not that much and just filled up 9 containers . If you're planning on donating some of these easy and decadent treats , make the full recipe !

Recipe first seen @ Mich of Eat a Piece of Cake . Please check original recipe @ Nigella

Makes nine 2 1/2 x 1 1/2-inch minis

125 grams digestive biscuits
40 grams softened butter

250 grams cream cheese , at room temperature
200 grams Nutella  , at room temperature
6 pieces Ferrero Rocher , coarsely chopped plus more for topping
30 grams icing sugar , sifted

* Crush digestive biscuits and 1 Rocher until fine , add in butter and mix well then add in a generous teaspoon of Nutella . mix until well incorporated . Press crumbs into tins and freeze .

* Whisk cream cheese and icing sugar until smooth then add in the remaining Nutella and the chopped Rocher to the mixture and continue whisking until well combined .

* Divide mixture into tins and chill overnight .

* Serve straight from the fridge .

Note : I divided the crumbs , about 1/2 tablespoon , into several tins and liners though I just used only 9 of those . If you want a thicker crust , add about 1 1/2 tablespoon in each tin .

This post is linked to the bloghop event Cook like a Star featuring Nigella Lawsons' recipes . Cook like a star is an event organised by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids , Joyce of Kitchen Flavours and Anuja of Simple Baking .



  1. o my..these mini nutella cheesecakes look luscious, rich and heavenly, Anne.

  2. Hi Anne, wah... so gorgeous and delectable. Wish I can have 2 pieces now. :)) Your mini nutella cheesecake look so cute. Nice click!

    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  3. this looks so good! tks for recipe

    victoria bakes

  4. Hi Anne,
    This is such a sinful dessert! It would be difficult to stop at just one!
    Eating Nutella straight from the bottle, I've got to STARE at both my kids when they do that, otherwise the jar would be empty within a day! Haha!
    Thanks for linking!

  5. Anne, I've all the ingredients at home. Definitely love to try this yummy dessert as my family loves Nutella.

  6. Anne, this is a very nice easy recipe and it looks so cute...but I think the recipe have to be quadrupled so no fight will arise in the house!!

  7. Hi Anne! This is so beautiful! Especially when they are lined up neatly to be eaten! :D

  8. These look way to amazing to be true... I love them! :-)

  9. Hi Ann,

    I reckon making this cheesecake into bite-sizes will make me eat this cake even more... I will keep popping these cute treats into my mouth non-stop... Are you guilty of doing that too?


  10. I'm always eating Nutella straight out of the jar...SO good! These look like the perfect no bake treat, yum!!

  11. I saw this at Mich's too and was drooling over her creation, now I am drooling again! gorgeous and scrumptious looking!

  12. Oh wow! This looks good with that rocher on top. I need to have one of these.

  13. Wowwww! Amazing and fabulous treats Anne :-)

  14. Anne, so yum and so lovely to look at!

  15. So rich, silky and delectable! What an amazing treat!!!

  16. Nutella and Ferrero? That's just luscious!

  17. Hi Anne,
    Oh wow! This looks so good!
    I bet one is not enough, even two is still not enough with that FR

  18. Wow Anne! Beautiful presentation!

  19. I love minis. So lovely with the rocher.

  20. These is a delicious post and so easy to make.
    Anne, Is this Mich from "Piece of cake?" A google friend of mine shared a gluten free cake recipe from her blog. I checked some more recipes, and she has a delightful blog.

  21. Anne, pardon me for sounding dumb, but what are the tins that you have mentioned? How do you empty the cheesecake from the tins?

    1. Hi Unknown , I used loose-bottom tins :D You can use mousse ring as well but if you don't have those , you can use muffin liners .

  22. hi anne, always love all your 'minis' is probably not enough for me :)

  23. Hey I just wanted to know in what kind of tins did you use ? Since they are small and round i was just wondering how the tins look like .

    1. Hi Tamara , I already replied via email and I sent you the photo of the tins as well .


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